Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pete The Cat Is Where It's At!

What is the first week of school
without Pete The Cat?
I know right?!
We started using this fabulous character
by James Dean and Eric Litwin, and our
K Kids LOVE this book series!
It's happy, it's catchy,
and it gets the little kindergarteners feeling
good about being in school!
Here are some story retelling puppets
that you can use with your students.
Just choose the puppet that goes with
the Pete The Cat story that you are reading
to your kiddos.
How did we teach without the Internet?
Oh, that's right.

We reinvented the wheel.

Pete The Cat Puppets:

I love your labeling sheets!
More importantly,
the kids love them too.
Pete The Cat Labeling Sheets:

I decided to add some
Pete The Cat Graphic Organizers
 Have your students write three sentences
about Pete The Cat.
Pete The Cat is....
Pete The Cat has...
Pete the cat can...
 Pete The Cate Bubble Maps:
Draw a picture of Pete The Cat
and write three things or three sentences about him.
Pete The Cat: Alphabet Handwriting Practice
As always, thanks for being
so generous with your hard work.

 If you like the handwriting sheets
I have some other ones available with
different themes like this
A+ Back To School Alphabet Handwriting Practice:

My students have take the SAT 10 
two years in a row and will be taking
it again at the end of next year.
I don't even want to ask.
The first year was horrific.
I'm glad I didn't ask!
No matter how much the 5 Kindergarten
teachers at my school downplayed the test
("It's no big deal....just do your best." etc. etc. etc.),
we had kids rolling on the floor and crying.
It was so upsetting to me (and to all of us),
and yet my (our) hands were tied....
the Kindergarteners HAD to take this test.
I swore NEVER again
would my kiddos feel overwhelmed.
Last year, I made and used cute
bubble sheets every now and then
to expose my kids to multiple choice
fill-in-the-blank.  None of my sheets
have anything to do with the SAT 10 test itself,
they didn't even have anything to do with
reading a passage, or answering a question.
They were just simple sentences that the kids had to 
find the right word to complete the sentence.
Just the exposure of bubbling in answers
in a calm and relaxed atmosphere
as a large group or as a small group
made all of the difference.
I'm sure it did.  Kudos for you sista!  
I would even have them laughing at times, 
when we would read a sentence and I would make
funny faces at the wrong words.

Are these sheets
developmentally appropriate?
In my opinion...No.
In your defense,
this is your attempt to 
prepare them for that developmentally
inappropriate test you HAVE to give.
Thank you government.
Boo hiss....
Are these sheets
emotionally appropriate?
In my opinion...Yes.
It was well worth giving some time
to do an activity that wasn't 
developmentally appropriate
in order to keep my kids feeling
emotionally healthy and ready for this
test that consists of spending multiple days
testing students in such a way that is
completely developmentally inappropriate.
I feel tongue-tied after saying all that!
Let me tell you.
This year, my kids were ready.
All three classes.
Remember that this past year...
things changed at my school and we're
departmentalized.  I teach reading to 3 classes.
So.....I spoke with the 2 other teachers in my
teaching group after the test, and...
NO ONE had kids crying.
NO ONE had kids rolling.
HUGE difference from the year before.
That was my goal.
Mission accomplished!
The kids took this test in stride....
just like I've been saying all year in my class:
It's.No.Big.Deal. know I LOVE Pete The Cat.
I decided to make and share some
Sentence Bubbles with you with this cute,
little guy on them that my kiddos love.
Of course you did!

Pete The Cat: Wheels On The Bus 

Pete The Cat Sentence Bubbles

I went to the I Teach K Conference last week
in Vegas....I still can't believe
I went to Vegas and back!
Anyway, I'm thinking of combining
two ideas from 2 different presenters.
Dr. Jean showed us how to make
little pocket "puppets" out of envelopes.
Just seal an envelope and cut in down
the middle.  Duh! Why did I never think of that?
It can be used for a variety of things...
be creative! In this case,
I'm thinking of writing an "A" on one
side and a "B" on the other side,
handing each bubble answer pocket "puppet"
to each of my students, pairing them up
and having them do Dan St. Romain's quick draw game.
If you EVER have a chance to see him in a workshop....
sign up!  He was FABULOUS!!!
Each partner pair stands back to back and when
the question is asked they turn around as fast
as they can and the first one
showing the correct answer "wins" that round.
That sounds like fun!
I'll have the bubble sentence sheet up at 
my big screen, and I'll read it through with
my K kids before they do their partner quick draw.
Hmmmmmm.....I'm thinking that this
may end up being a favorite activity!
Making it fun, is what it's all about!

Pete The Cat And His Four Groovy Buttons:
Sentence Bubbles
If you like these activities,
you may be interested in
my bundled sentence bubbles.
A+ Sight Word Sentence Mega Bundle:
Fill In The Blank. Multiple Choice Practice

Are you tired of scrolling?
I know....I got Pete The Cat happy.
I just couldn't stop!
Here's one more, just for all of you teachers out there!
Pete The Cat Writing Paper

I hope these activities make life just a tad simpler
for you as you ease back into school!
Like I say EVERY year,
I can't believe it's that time again!

And remember:
It's ALL Good!

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kathy said...

What an amazing collection of Pete printables! Thank you so much! My students love Pete!

Regina Davis aka Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome! I'm so glad that you're able to use these for your students! Helping other teachers is our goal, so your comment made me smile tonight!
Happy Teaching!
:) Regina

Rhoda said...

Thank you for your Pete the Cat printables

Regina Davis aka Queen Chaos said...

You're so very welcome! I hope you have a great year!
:) Regina

Neha Chopra said...

You are one fabulous teacher. I loved your printables. I am sure my kids will have a blast with these. Where did you get your Pete Clip art? I adored yours. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work.


Regina Davis aka Queen Chaos said...

Hi Neha,
You are too sweet! I'm not sure if you're talking to me or to Angela, but either way....thank you for making me smile! I got the clip art from TPT artists. They're all listed on the front cover of each pdf. You can find their art by clicking on the links on each pdf that will take you to their stores. If you're talking about mine specifically, I drew it. I decided to not share the clip art I drew, since it's based on a book character. I'm just using it as a teacher to make students happier about the large amount of work that they are now required to do.
I hope that helps!
Happy Sunday!
:) Regina

Neha Chopra said...

Ha ha! I love both of you for all the work you guys do to make the lives of other teachers easy. Thanks for letting me know about the clip art .


Actor in Training said...

Thanks so much for sharing these fantastic activities to engage our students. I so appreciate your willingness to share your great ideas.

Regina Davis aka Queen Chaos said...

You're very welcome....Have a great upcoming school year!
:) Regina

Jill Thurman said...

Thanks SO much for sharing these awesome resources! My students have loved doing Pete the Cat this year.

Regina Davis aka Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome! I'm so glad to hear that your kiddos enjoyed learning....that's what it's all about! :) Regina

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing..i'm doing this as SAL students love it

Regina Davis aka Queen Chaos said...

Hi Connie,
You are very welcome.....I'm so glad to hear that your students are enjoying learning!
:) Regina

Unknown said...

Love these cute worksheets? Can I ask how you create them? Some super complicated computer program? Teacher magic? :)

Regina Davis aka Queen Chaos said...

Just a little bit of teacher magic and a whole lot of love!
:) Regina

janice said...

Oh my! This is a WEALTH of resources and you are so amazing to share it. Looking forward to developing a new Pete the Cat unit for my kinders next fall and thoroughly inspired thanks to you!

Unknown said...

You are amazing!!! This truly will make summer school fun and a breeze! Thank you for making these available to other like us.

Unknown said...

THANK YOU! I am so glad that I stumbled across your site. You have amazing ideas and resources. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

I am so excited to have found your page and your resources! Thank you for your creativity and for sharing!

Regina Davis aka Queen Chaos said...

Thank you ALL for your kind comments! You truly warm my heart!
Happy Summer!!!!
:) Regina

Unknown said...

WOWWWW!!! Amazing resources!! thank you so much!

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