Thursday, June 7, 2018

Superhero Hats

These hats are
for all of our
Super Human
Teaching Friends
out there!

To download Click Here.

May you feel like
Wonder Woman with your lesson plans...

...or Batman with your bag of tricks...

and have a
Super Summer!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Charlotte's Web Venn, Double Bubble, And Writing Pages

I always think of Charlotte and Wilbur
when I hear that phrase.
We have 30 more days of school.
Some of us a few more...but not much.
Chin Up.
Be Terrific.
Be Radiant.
The glow of the upcoming
summer vacation may do just that!
 To Download Click Here.
 To Download Click Here.
 To Download Click Here.
Be Humble...

--and Kind--
especially to yourself.

Take care of you,
so you can take care of them.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Harry Potter Character Hats

My eight-year-old,
The Darling Diva,
has created a Harry Potter Club
with her friends.
They read the books,
and then run around the house
casting spells at each other...
adding their own twists
on J.K.Rowling's characters and settings.
My daughter happens
to play the role of Emma,
who is Harry's long lost sister...
imagination is a wonderful thing!
Here are some character hats
to share...
maybe your kiddos
want to start a Harry Potter Club
of their own.
                                To Download Click Here.

Protego Totalum
On All Your Classrooms...

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

101 Dalmatians Writing For The Day After Your 100th Day Of School

Do you ever feel
a little dotty
as you constantly
count heads?

--If you don't
count heads
and teach K or 1
I highly suggest you start.
You never know
when you'll have
a roamer! --
Ha!  Or an extra kid
roaming AWAY from their class.
Gotta love when you take a restroom break
and your line gets a wee bit longer.  LOL

Or perhaps
you are beginning
to see spots
this time of year
when there
never seems
enough time in the day
to accomplish your
never-ending to-do list?
DUDE!  It's like pure adrenaline 
from now until that last bell of the year.

Feeling dotty
or seeing spots...
these pages are for you.

101 Dalmatians Venn
To Download Click Here.

Or you can compare and contrast using
double bubbles....

101 Dalmatians Double Bubble

 To Download Click Here.

I made these compare and contrast
activities for my First Grade students to use
the day after our 100th Day of School.
We compared and contrasted
the book's characters and settings
to the movie's characters and settings.

Here are some additional writing pages...

101 Dalmatians Writing Paper

To Download Click Here.

I know it's WAY past our 100th day...
but my goodness!
I feel like there's at least
100 things on my never ending To-Do-List. 
Well....after we finish this post...make that 99!

Thank you!