Friday, November 24, 2017

Gingerbread Man Character Hats....Flash Freebie For Followers!

At some point
I'll grow out of
my hat making stage.
...and you'll start doing
lots of something else!
That's how you roll.
They are simple,
easy to make,
and most importantly...
they make me smile.

Happiness can be fleeting....
so I've learned
to grab it where I can!

Here are some
Gingerbread Man
character hats to help
put a smile on YOUR face!

You can have your students
used these hats to retell the story,
or have them wear the hats during
small group and have a mini
Reader's Theater as you read through
your favorite version of the story.

A+ Gingerbread Man Character Hats
To Download Click Here.

Run! Run!
As Fast As You Can!
Download this Flash Freebie
of the Gingerbread Man!

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pilgrim and Native American Hats: Flash Freebie For Followers

Hats, hats, and more hats.
What does Queen Chaos do
when she has an Evaluation
AND Science Fair coming up
in the same month?
Make hats.
Of course.
Well duh!

Pilgrim & Native American Thanksgiving Hats
A+ Pilgrim and Native American Thanksgiving Hat

To download Click Here

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free for our followers
for the next 48 hours.

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I’m sorry!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans Day 2017

Today is Veterans Day.
I am an Army granddaughter,
a Marine's sister,
an Army wife,
and now...
an Army mom.

I love our Veterans!

I have made some
teaching materials over the past
years that have a
Veterans Day or
military theme.

These products are free
at my TPT store for anyone
who would like
to teach their students
about the courage of these
brave men and women.

Here is a list to choose from:

 A+  FREEBIE for Veterans Day... Veterans: Three Graphic Organizers
A+  Free...Map and "Puppets" For Veterans Day...Thank You Veterans!
 A+ FREEBIE: We Love Our Veterans! Poster
 A+ FREEBIE: Memorial Day or Veterans Day Puppets
A+ Veterans Day... Writing Paper
 A+ Free...Veterans Day: Graphic Organizers
A+ Free...Veterans Day: Fill In the Blank.Multiple Choice Sight Word Sentences
 A+ Free...Veterans Day Kindergarten Sight Words
A+  Free...Veterans Day Handwriting Practice
 A+ Free...Soldier And Police Officer Double Bubble Maps
 A+ Free....Soldier And Police Officer Venn Diagram Compare  And Contrast
A+  Free...Veterans Day: Subtraction Practice
A+ Free...Soldier: Graphic Organizers
This next one,
I just made this
Veterans Day morning.
(Because Regina does NOT have an off switch!)

When I went to my son's
Basic Training Graduation,
I bought a t-shirt at the Army base
with this saying:

Real Heroes
Don't Wear Capes,
They Wear Dog Tags.

I love the shirt.
It makes me a little teary...
and a whole lot concerned...
I have gotten 25 new wrinkles
since Hollywood has become
a soldier in the U.S. Army...
but I do agree with the quote.

I wore it to school this past week
in honor of Veterans Day.
I also decided to make
a Pledge of Allegiance poster
for anyone who needs
it for their classroom
with an accompanying writing sheet.

A+ Freebie: Pledge of Allegiance Poster And Writing

A+ Freebie: Pledge of Allegiance Poster And Writing

I hope you have a
relaxing yet reflective
Veterans Day....

and please always remember:
"Freedom isn't Free." 
Thanks for the reminder.

Go Thank A Veteran.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fall and Halloween Character Hats....Flash Freebie For Followers!

Happy Fall!

I  cannot believe that
there are only 5 more school
 days until Halloween!
DUDE!  They're predicting snow
here this weekend!
What the what?!

So much to do...
and so little time.

Hats have become my "Go-To"
when I'm feeling a little stressed.
Have I been feeling stressed lately?
Duh, you're a teacher.
Stressed is just a state of being.
I don't know...
maybe check out our
last several hat posts.

In case you don't know...
"stressed" is simply
"desserts" spelled
Yes. Yes it is.
I've been eating
Skinny Cow Ice Cream
Sandwiches lately.
Genius marketing strategy.
Well played "Skinny Cow".
Well played.
They're only
6 Weight Watcher points
(yup....I'm back on
the Weight Watcher Wagon.)
Skinny Cow Ice Cream sandwiches
happened to be Buy One Get One Free
about 3 weeks ago.
I was a mad woman
filling my shopping cart
with ice cream sandwiches.
My cart was filled
to the top with JUST
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches.
I was actually giggling
out loud like a crazy woman
as I walked down
the frozen food aisle
pushing my
cart full o'ice-cream.
"Children, step away from the cray cray."
said every parent walking by.
The problem came
when I got home
and realized I may
not have enough room
in my freezer
for all of my "free"
ice cream.
have been a problem....
but lucky for me...
I have TWO freezers!
Take that Skinny Cow!

I am STILL eating
those ice cream sandwiches
and probably have enough
to last me the next few weeks.
AND.....believe or not....
I've actually
lost a total of 25 pounds
since August,
--crossing my fingers--
it's still coming off).
Rock on with your bad self!
Like for reals!
ANY weight loss is an accomplishment!
Kudos to you my friend.

Now I know that
eating ice cream sandwiches
on a daily basis is not
REALLY a good plan,
so how about instead of loading
down on desserts
when I'm feeling
stressed out...I share
something sweet with
all of you instead?
As always, thinking of others.
These Fall and Halloween Hats are a 
Flash Freebie for all of our
Fabulous Blog Followers!
They will only be available for free
for the next 24 hours.
I'm being SERIOUS this time....
no I won't forget and leave it up
for the next 2 years.....hehehe.
Or maybe I will....
Or not. 

So download while you can!

Fall and Halloween Character Hats
A+ Fall and Halloween Character Hats
Click Here To Download.

If you've missed it,
so sorry!
Become a follower,
and join the crazy!
I'm off to grab a Skinny Cow!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Listening Walk: Let Your Little Scientists Record What They Hear!


It's time to go
on a listening walk!
Thank goodness,
because some silence
sounds really good
this time of year!

I just purchased
my own classroom book,
by Paul Showers
for my First Graders.
(...and just in case
you're wondering....
yes....I bought it
with my own money....
of course...
don't we all?)

Click above to purchase your own!

Here is a version of
it on youtube:

 ....and HERE
is a little recording sheet
for your little, listening scientists.

May your day
be filled with 15 minutes
of silence.
maybe 5.
Five minutes of silence
would be nice....

We're walking!
Not talking! long do I
need to wait before
we can do this again? 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Go Away Big Green Monster Hats

 Here's a little hat
for when you just want to say....
Go Away! 
CLICK HERE to download the hats.

Just fill in your own blank:

Go Away ______________!
And Don't Come Back....
Until I say so!

There are soooo
many things that could
possibly go in that
little, bitty blank.

Thank you Ed Emberley
for creating this super, simple
DYNAMO of a book!
This was my oldest son's
favorite book when he was little.
He's not little anymore.
He's big.
Did I mention
that my Hollywood
decided to join
the U.S. Army?
You want your kids
to grow up and be independent...
(and then a little piece of you doesn't want that at all)

You're proud of them
when they can stand on
their own two feet.
But you miss that
little boy who used
to want you to read
to him every night,
and sing him his own
good-night song
that you made up
just for him.

No one ever quite
tells you how mixed
up your feelings can
be when you're a mom.

Go Away Nostalgia!
Go Away!
Ok...maybe not.
You can hang out for a bit.
Just for a little while.
For more FREE
Go Away Big Green Monster
activities CLICK HERE.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Where The Wild Things Are...Character Hats

I just had to make these
character hats.
What is October
without Wild Things roaming
around your classroom?
And that's just the teachers! 
You should see the kids!

Click HERE to download.

You have the option to print
these Wild Thing hats
in color or black and white.

Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

Thank you Maurice Sendak.
Your talented artwork and story telling
has engaged and enthralled us all.