Thursday, June 21, 2018

Teach On Teach Strong: Monthly Binder Covers

I have found
the most amazing
teacher in London
who makes a podcast
twice a week in
support of teachers.
This is what I love about the Internet.
HELLLLO!  This chick is London but
she reaches you across the world.
Her name is Katie,
and her website is
Teachers Resource Force
here is a direct link
to her amazing
podcasts that I love
to listen to:
I like to call her my 
007 Teacher From London.
Cue the Bond music.
When I'm feeling a little
overworked, over tired, and overwhelmed...
So basically how you feel on
the days that end in "y".
Got it!
I turn on her podcast and listen to
her lovely voice telling me that
Everything's Going To Be All Right!
At the end of the school year,
I turned on her podcast and listened
to her while I finished up report cards.
I listened to her while I
cleaned out my classroom.
I listened to her while I
went through my entire checklist
of things to do to wrap up the year.
Awww, she's like a virtual bestie. 

I was making monthly binder covers
for myself and my Second Grade Team
this summer, and I decided to add
teaching quotes that I've found
on the internet.
My eight-year-old Darling Diva colored all
of the little, red hearts
for my binder covers and spines,
and they look super cute on my shelf.
Here they are for anyone who
would like to use them:
 To Download Click Here.

 In the words of Katie:

Teach On!
Teach Strong!

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