Sunday, April 23, 2017

Testing: Notes of Encouragement

Testing time is back!

Moment of silence for us all.
It's that time of year!
My First Grade class buddied up
with one of my school’s Fifth Grade
classes this year.
Comfort in numbers.
Our Fifth Grade friends had
to take 6 days worth of
state exams….
Poor kids!
so we made little treats for them.
How sweet!

Since I made this for my own purposes….
I kept it super easy-peasy for myself.
As you should!
I just printed them on my school’s printer
(with normal, white, copy paper),
chopped the cards in the workroom,
quickly attached a treat
with either tape or a stapler,
and threw them all into a basket
for easy delivery!
I'm sure they loved seeing you coming!
I decided to make larger
Encouragement Cards for those
who want to have their
students color them
and hang them
on your
Testing Buddies’ door.

click to download
 These could also be used for your own class
if you happen to be taking a test that needs
some extra encouragement.


This next one is for Florida students only:

May these little
sayings (and treats)
make the testing
a little bit easier
on  your kiddos!

DISCLAIMER:  Your students' value
(or the value of your teaching)
is NOT, should NOT

be determined by the results
of one test, taken on one day 
in their life.
Just saying...