Thursday, October 29, 2015

Natural Resources

Natural Resources
Here is a collection of youtube videos
explaining Natural Resources for children.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pumpkin Art and Bats Take Flight S.T.E.M. Activities

Halloween is almost here!
How is it that November is near?
I know right?!

Where did the time go?
Do you know?
Not sure because it feels like just yesterday
we were in the "August in Kindergarten is like
childbirth:  So painful you block it out."

I have no clue!
I've just been following all my Lists To Do!
If you're OCD like me,

you'll actually add things to your list
that you've completed that weren't originally on your list.

Teaching, teaching, makes time fly fast!
Blink your eyes and 2 months have passed!
For sure!

I feel like it was just yesterday
I opened my door for the first school day.
That was forever ago now!

Now that October is coming to an end,
I have something special for each blogging friend.
Of course you do.  You're cool like that.

To all of our blogging pals
Who are prepping for this week...
Here is a STEM freebie
that won't last long....
so quick! Take a peek!

STEM Science, Technology, Engineering & Math: Pumpkin Art 
This freebie will be available for the next 24 hours only.
Thanks for following our blog!

Have your students create a pumpkin
Out of paper, ribbons, and tape.
Just give them the materials,
And see what they create!

If you like this STEM, 
Here's another you may like to try:
Instead of making time fly....Let's make BATS fly! 
My kids are going to LOVE this one!

 STEM Science, Technology, Engineering & Math: Bats Take Flight
 My students love their bats so cool,
We had to mount and hang them at our school.
If you missed these freebies, I'm sorry!
Be sure to follow our blog and TPT stores to get future freebies!
Happy Creating!