Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Just Love Me Some Math!

Just trying to make my life a little easier....
...isn't that what we all need?!
Let me gather some math songs
for a quick find on desperate days!
Maybe these songs can
come in handy for your own class!
Thanks for this!

Math Time On Youtube:
The Numeral Song
Dr. Jean

Counting Song 10-Digits
Mr. R

Big Number Song 

 Macarena Count to 100
Dr. Jean

Count By 2
A Sing-A-Long For Early Elementary
Mr. R's Songs For Teaching

 Count by 5's Song
 Mr. R's Songs For Teaching

 Count by Tens Song
 Mr. R's Songs For Teaching
Add 'Em Up
Counting Addition Song For Kids
Pick Pride

When You Add With A Pirate
Harry Kindergarten
My class loves this song!

Adding And Subtracting Song
Add Means Put Together
Subtract Means Take Away!

When You Subtract With A Pirate
Harry Kindergarten
They love this one too!

Addition and Subtraction: Know about 10s

Addition Doubling Numbers Song
Dream English Kids
Number Gators

Place Value Math Song
Ones, Tens, Hundreds
Mr. R's Songs For Teaching

May your numbers
always add up...
especially when counting
heads in line!
Wait a minute!
Who's not in number order?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ready For Take Off?

Have you been feeling
a little overwhelmed with your
Teaching To Do List?
Who isn't?
Maybe it's just me.'s all of us!
Every time I turn around
there's something else
added onto my never ending list
of what a "good teacher" should be able to do
between the hours of 8:15 and 3:45.
Absolutely nuts!
The ironic thing is that we often
do all of those wonderful things...
...often at the expense of our families.
Sad but true.

Between the hours of 
8:15 and 3:45?

Yes, I'm the one
who actually stayed up
working through the night
in my classroom until 7:00
the next morning.
I wouldn't say that too loudly.
1.  You're cray, cray!
2.  You don't want anybody else
thinking that's an option!

They keep adding things on
without ever taking
anything off.
Who are "they"?
And have they
ever walked a mile
in my teaching flips?
I seriously think
that these "officials"
who keep adding things
onto teachers' To Do Lists
should be required to
assist in a classroom for
6 weeks out of every
school year.
6 weeks?
They wouldn't last a day!

After all,
if they're making
the rules...shouldn't
they truly understand
the ins and outs of teaching?
I was at a meeting recently,
where I just kept muttering...
"I want to throw up."
"I want to throw up."
I thought I was only saying
it in my head....
but no.
It did come out of my mouth.
You were simply saying what
everybody else in the room was thinking!
I couldn't stop saying it.
I must start working on
Add that to my list.

The other night
I dreamt that I had
returned to being a
flight attendant.
When I flew before,
I didn't like the 4 days of
travel away from home 
and all the wait
time that we had at
the airport and hotels.
Apparently my sub-conscience
has had a change of mind.
4 days of quiet?
Lots of free time to fill?
I could keep myself
busy for the rest of my life
creating teaching materials.
I could easily become an
80 year old lady
with my computer hooked
up to a big screen TV so that
I can see what I'm doing as I'm
cutting, and pasting, typing,
and creating.
Flying and creating
teaching materials.
I woke up feeling
soooooo H.A.P.P.Y.

And then I really woke up.

My dream of returning
to my early flight career
fizzled as I realized I
was running late for
my First Grade class.
Where's that To Do List????
Must have been left on
my nightstand where I placed it
at 1 a.m. when my eyes were fogging over.
Is that a medical condition
I don't know about?
My eyes just get foggy
with a white haze.
Uh, hello?!  It's your body's 
way of saying 
"Go to bed and stay there!" 

The nearest I'm going to
get to flying any time soon
is making a bat activity.

Bats: Fact Family Houses

 I hope that you caught my last
Flash Freebie with my Spider Fact Families.
Well...I realized that I should have
made some blankety, blank ones
for here are
some blankety blanks with bats.
BTW-She's not swearing at you
with the "blankety, blank".
She added blank fact families.
#clarifying honor of my
1000+ Followers on TPT...
Rock on with your bad self!
this is another SUPER FLASH FREEBIE:
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Fly little bats! Fly!
Fly and be free!
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but I had to share it with all of my
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Spiders: Fact Family Houses:

Got up at 4am this morning
and just had to make it for my
kiddos at school today!
Houston....I think I have a problem.
Uh, ya think?!
Regina MUST sleep.
Yah you do!
In 12 hours the FLASH will be over...
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Cha ching...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater S.T.E.M.

Several years ago,
the Kindergarten teachers
at my school were asked
to not make Jack-o-lanterns in class
since the kids would be doing that
the following year in first grade.
Well....what is October
without carving a pumpkin?
 So I came up with a happy
I used the nursery rhyme,
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
and my class made a house for
Peter and his wife out of a pumpkin.

I would put the pumpkin out in a
small group center and my students
were able to play with playmobil people
and furniture while repeating the rhyme
and highlighting the sight words.
How stinkin' cute!
You can purchase a copy of the
rhyme if you'd like:

Since I have now gone S.T.E.M. happy
"gone S.T.E.M. happy"
Sounds like you've gone rogue!
I was thinking that it would
be a fun homework enrichment assignment
for my students to take home and do
with their families.

Since students can't really carve the
pumpkins themselves, this is an activity
that needs to have adult supervision.
I went ahead and made a homework
enrichment assignment that all of my
school's first graders are
taking home tomorrow.
Over-achiever much?
Since I don't have pictures for this S.T.E.M.
activity (must wait until next week for those),
I decided to go ahead and make this a
for all of my cyber friends!
If I don't share it now,
you won't be able to make prints and
send it out for homework.
This would be great for either
first grade or Kindergarten.
I made an option for students to use
either a ruler or paper clips for measuring
their pumpkins.  This is not a required
homework's just for those
who would like to participate.
Of course, you could have your
students do this in class....I personally
just don't have the arm strength to carve
18 pumpkins in one day (that's the number
of small groups that I have on my
S.T.E.M. Day Fridays.)
Again, over-achiever much?!

May your October be PUMPKINLICIOUS!

And enjoy that class party!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Working 9-3...What A Way To Make A Living!
I spent a late night in my classroom.
Did I say that?
9:30 on a school night.
(On paper I work from 8:15am-3:45pm....
but's more like 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.
Just giving anyone a heads up, if they're considering
teaching as a possible career choice.)
1. If the sun goes down,
you should be gone!
2.  On a school night?

3.  You could be there
for 24 hours STRAIGHT
and still have things left to do.
4. #truth
In retrospect of former late nights,
that's pretty I guess I shouldn't complain.
Are you kidding me?
Oh wait, that's right.

One time you were there
Like, after midnight!
Again, You=CRAY CRAY
Worst part is that I burned my finger on my glue gun.
I hate when that happens!
I have a fabulous new glue gun that one of my 
room parents bought for me.
She took one look at my sad little 1980's glue gun,
gave me a look, and said, "Are you kidding me?"
Good for her!
No....I wasn't kidding...I seriously used that thing.
My glue gun and I have seen
some good times together.
Of course, it was a hand-me-down
from my college roommate
Stop right there!
We're the same age so I can go there!

A glue gun from COLLEGE?!
Girl, we were in college shortly

after we put a hole in the
ozone layer with cans of Aqua Net.
You have a glue gun from way back then?!
Does Florida not have craft stores?!
C'mon sista!
who thought that it was crazy
that I didn't have one back in the day.
My fabulous college roommate/childhood
friend who insisted on
living with me in our slum apartment
(although she could have lived anywhere).
She chose to slum it out, because that' all
I could afford as I slaved to put myself through school.
The list of college apartments always
had a slew of amenities attached to
the name and address for students
to get a better feel of where they'd like to stay.
Well, most apartments had at least 10 different
letters representing amenities in their listings.
Our college apartment had one letter.
Just one.
We had a water heater.
That's it.
In fact, it was a topic of discussion
one night at my summer camp job,
where all around were quite entertained
to find out about my one letter apartment.
The entire apartment would
fill up only half of my classroom,
maybe I could actually squeeze 3 of those
apartments into my classroom....
I'll have to measure it out tomorrow...
AND it was for FOUR people. 
No dishwasher.
No washer/dryer.
No microwave.
No air conditioning.
No disposal.
No bath.
No ceiling fans.
No TV.
No nuffin'.
No fun!
I don't even think
that we had screens
on our windows.
But I had my friend.
So, looking back, I was very lucky.
My hot glue gunning friend,
who passed on her little glue gun to me
when we parted.
A parting gift?
More like a pity gift.
Of course, I have to use my chin to push the glue stick
through the back of the glue gun....
nothing is simple in my life.
One hand holds the glue gun, the other hand holds
what I'm gluing, and my chin does the rest of the work.
Oh, are a hot mess!
That miniature glue gun has hardened
glue permanently stuck all around it
which makes it look a little like the ship and crew
full of barnacles from The Pirates Of The Caribbean.
Well, my little glue gun as been put away,
and I now have this gleaming new, bright red,
huge, beautiful glue gun with a trigger to feed the
extra large sticks through the heated gun.
Do you still have a bag phone in your car?
Do you still have a phone with an actual cord in your house?
Do you know that TV's now have remote controls?
Just checking to see if
anything else in your life needs updating.
So....I was working on my classroom tonight,
and I whipped out my new glue gun to attach
magnet strips to the back of some of my phonics cards.
You know you're a teacher when you use and reuse and reuse
the sticky magnet strips over and over again by just
pulling them off of old laminated items,
and hot glue gunning them onto new ones.
Make do, or do without.
Mrs. Davis?  Nope.  More like MacGyver!
So, I was reusing old magnet strips
and gluing them when my finger slipped
and I got burned....bad!
So I yelped!  And then I proceeded to try and rub
the glue off of my finger with my other hand, because
it hurt so bad!  So then, I burned a finger on my other hand!
Yip! Yap! Yelp!
There was hopping at this point.
Yes. Hopping was involved.
THEN I rubbed THAT finger with my
hand that had been burnt to begin with...
and by this time I was not a happy teacher.
I re-burned the first hand on ANOTHER finger,
 so now I have 3 nice sized blisters on my
hands, and several relatively numb spots.
Here are the burns on just one hand:

Your kids had BETTER appreciate these
phonics cards.
"Can you say B-B-B-burn?"
It would have been funny.  Seriously.
F-U-N-N-Y to watch...except it hurt so bad.
This never happened with my little, bitty, glue gun
that likes to grow little "barnaglues" on its sides.
So....bigger does not always mean better.
Newer is not necessarily preferable to older.
And pretty does not always equal nice.
Where is a good healing spell from
Harry Potter when I need one?
Oh well....wishful thinking.
Shhhhh....I'm a closet Harry Potter fan.
I just love me some J.K.Rowling!
 Maybe I won't get a healing spell from the wizarding world...
but maybe I can take my mind off of the pain
by making something magical.

Harry Potter Graphic Organizers:

Have your students write 3 sentences about Harry....
Harry Potter is...
Harry Potter has...
Harry Potter can...
Harry Potter Bubble Maps:
Draw a picture of Harry Potter
and write three things or three sentences about him.
Harry Potter Labels:
 Label Harry Potter by writing in the words...
 ....or label Harry Potter by
cutting and gluing the words.

May your days be full of magic,
and your nights find you relaxing at home!