Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ready For Take Off?

Have you been feeling
a little overwhelmed with your
Teaching To Do List?
Who isn't?
Maybe it's just me.'s all of us!
Every time I turn around
there's something else
added onto my never ending list
of what a "good teacher" should be able to do
between the hours of 8:15 and 3:45.
Absolutely nuts!
The ironic thing is that we often
do all of those wonderful things...
...often at the expense of our families.
Sad but true.

Between the hours of 
8:15 and 3:45?

Yes, I'm the one
who actually stayed up
working through the night
in my classroom until 7:00
the next morning.
I wouldn't say that too loudly.
1.  You're cray, cray!
2.  You don't want anybody else
thinking that's an option!

They keep adding things on
without ever taking
anything off.
Who are "they"?
And have they
ever walked a mile
in my teaching flips?
I seriously think
that these "officials"
who keep adding things
onto teachers' To Do Lists
should be required to
assist in a classroom for
6 weeks out of every
school year.
6 weeks?
They wouldn't last a day!

After all,
if they're making
the rules...shouldn't
they truly understand
the ins and outs of teaching?
I was at a meeting recently,
where I just kept muttering...
"I want to throw up."
"I want to throw up."
I thought I was only saying
it in my head....
but no.
It did come out of my mouth.
You were simply saying what
everybody else in the room was thinking!
I couldn't stop saying it.
I must start working on
Add that to my list.

The other night
I dreamt that I had
returned to being a
flight attendant.
When I flew before,
I didn't like the 4 days of
travel away from home 
and all the wait
time that we had at
the airport and hotels.
Apparently my sub-conscience
has had a change of mind.
4 days of quiet?
Lots of free time to fill?
I could keep myself
busy for the rest of my life
creating teaching materials.
I could easily become an
80 year old lady
with my computer hooked
up to a big screen TV so that
I can see what I'm doing as I'm
cutting, and pasting, typing,
and creating.
Flying and creating
teaching materials.
I woke up feeling
soooooo H.A.P.P.Y.

And then I really woke up.

My dream of returning
to my early flight career
fizzled as I realized I
was running late for
my First Grade class.
Where's that To Do List????
Must have been left on
my nightstand where I placed it
at 1 a.m. when my eyes were fogging over.
Is that a medical condition
I don't know about?
My eyes just get foggy
with a white haze.
Uh, hello?!  It's your body's 
way of saying 
"Go to bed and stay there!" 

The nearest I'm going to
get to flying any time soon
is making a bat activity.

Bats: Fact Family Houses

 I hope that you caught my last
Flash Freebie with my Spider Fact Families.
Well...I realized that I should have
made some blankety, blank ones
for here are
some blankety blanks with bats.
BTW-She's not swearing at you
with the "blankety, blank".
She added blank fact families.
#clarifying honor of my
1000+ Followers on TPT...
Rock on with your bad self!
this is another SUPER FLASH FREEBIE:
Available for free for the next 12 hours! 
(If you missed it, become a follower on TPT!)

Fly little bats! Fly!
Fly and be free!
Go visit other places for me! 

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