Sunday, October 5, 2014

Meet Us At SDE's I Teach K in Orlando this November!

Come and meet me in Orlando!
I'll be presenting S.T.E.M. for Kindergarten
on Thursday, November 13th!
Rock on with your bad self!
Can I get a woot woot for my bloggin' buddy?!

My session is the last one of
the day, so be sure to be there
to get some ideas of how to incorporate
science, technology, engineering,
and math into your classroom!
Regina creates S.T.E.M. activities that are

so developmentally appropriate and
fun for the kids.
She's kinda cool like that.
Just saying...

That reminds me!
I have a new S.T.E.M. activity
for The Little Red Hen
that my kiddos just LOVED!
Sweet butta!
Can't wait to do this when

we do this story.
Again, thanks for sharing.
Here it is...if anyone wants it!
 My students found out why a quarter
cup is called that when they measured
1/4 cup of flour into a whole cup.
They measured their models...
Of course I have an option
for using unifix cubes for measuring
rather than rulers for all of my
Kindergarten friends!
My students had so much fun creating
a way to help The Little Red Hen
transport the flour from the mill
back to her home and then
counting out 120 steps along the way!
Of course, I made it Kindergarten friendly
with a 100 step option...try it!
I will.
I hope your kids like it as much as mine did!

As you all know...I love to share...
That you do my friend.
As always, thank you!
So everything I present and share
with my audience will be available 
to them for FREE when they leave.

When I went to the SDE Conference in Vegas this past summer
(after 8 years of wanting to go....and finally DOING it),
I noticed a completely different feel to Dr. Jean's workshop
in comparison to the other workshops.
At the very beginning of her workshop,
she said that everything she was sharing was for FREE!
You could almost feel a collective sigh of relief
in the air of that conference room.
Teachers were paying out of pocket
to go to workshops during their summer vacation...
and finally...there was a presenter that didn't
want them to pay for anything more.
Dr. are my hero.
She is awesome!
Yes, I sell things on Teachers Pay Teachers...
I have 4 kids and I only bring home around $500.00
a month from my teaching job after paying for my 
daughter's day care and the gas to get me to work.
That just isn't right!
BUT....I truly believe that the I Teach K Conference 
be put into a COMPLETELY different box than TPT.
TPT is about teachers supporting other
teachers for sharing their work rather than
paying big corporations.
SDE is about presenters supporting
teachers in their day to day grind of teaching.
Because.....if you know....
it can be a grind.
(insert soap box)!
Yes it can be a grind.
This job gets more challenging every year.
I'm starting to feel my 21 years of doing this gig.
So TPT and SDE are tremendous resources
that we are very fortunate to have.
They often give us just the right shot in the arm
to refresh our teaching and help us to better
engage our students.
They're both all that and a bag of chips!

So come and meet me!
HUGE BONUS: You'll get to meet Angela, too!
"HUGE BONUS". Me?  A bonus?

Uh, does that qualify as false advertising?
Yes.  My blogging buddy
is flying down from Illinois
for moral support!

I'm so lucky to have such
an awesome cyber buddy!
She helps to keep my
stress level down.
And yes...I've been stressed.
Now, c'mon Regina.
How in the world could you be stressed as a teacher?
It's not like our job is at all stressful.
Can I get an AMEN people?!

I didn't even realize
HOW stressed I was until
out of the blue...
a dreaded cold sore popped up.
maybe this is just TMI,
as my teenage children would tell me....
BTW-They are in the other room absolutely
DYING that you added this to your blog.
Like, in print, for the world to read.
typically I can tell when
a cold sore is coming and
I can use preventative medication
to keep it from popping up.
This time.
It was totally

I got hit by the
Cold Sore Fairy
I was working
like mad on my
computer after putting in
a week's worth of
work teaching at school
when all of a sudden,
I thought:
What is this bump on the corner of my mouth? 
King Common Sense took one look at me,
and said, "Soooo...what's stressing you out?"
"I'm not stressed...I don't know what you're talking about!"
Were you also rocking in the corner, 
in the fetal position?
Kind of another dead giveaway.
Just saying...
Duh. I always get cold sores when I'm stressed.
I was just too stressed to bother noticing that I WAS stressed.
Classic teacher stress.
I worked myself into such a frenzy
that cold sores are just popping up
out of the blue!

Go away, Cold Sore!
Go Away!

That reminds me
of a book I know.

Here are some Big Green Monster Labeling Activities:
 You can choose to have your
students write the labeling words...
...or you can have them cut and glue the words.
Big, Green Monster Writing Paper:
 Big, Green Monster Organizers:
Have your students write 3 sentences:
Big Green Monster is...
Big Green Monster has...
Big Green Monster can...
Big Green Monster Bubble Maps:
Have students write or draw 3 things
or 3 sentence about Big Green Monster:
Go away, Cold Sore!
Go Away!
And don't come back..
Until I say so!
(Which would be NEVER.)
It's not working.
I know!
Maybe I'll try saying it in Spanish!
¡Fuera de aquí!
Hopefully my cold sore will have gone away
by the time the SDE Conference rolls around!

May all your troubles be
simple ones.
Or simply try not to let them trouble you.
May all of your little monsters behave!
Breathe deep if they don't.
Be sure to set your calendars!
I didn't pencil it in....I wrote it with a Sharpie!

Queen Chaos and AttaGirl
will be in Orlando, Florida on November 13th!

Not promising....
but more than likely...
you could pack shorts and flips.
Maybe a light sweater.
Shut the front door?!
Are you serious?
November in Illinois is
so NOT shorts and flip flops!
Although I do have to say,
that I live 2 hours away by the beach.
Spoiled brat!
I'm surrounded by corn and bean fields.
Jealous much?!
So maybe I'll be the only one
in the conference room with a
heavy sweater, thinking:
"Why is it so cold in here?"

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