Sunday, September 14, 2014

Clifford The Big Red Dog To The Rescue!

Are you feeling testy about all
of this testing in Kindergarten?
Ode To Kindergarten Teachers Tired
Of Testing Instead Of Teaching
 Sing To The Tune Of The Wheels On The Bus:

Kindergarten testing is out of control.
Out of control.....Out of Control!
Kindergarten testing is Out of Control.
All through the schools!

The government says....Now test THIS!
Now test THAT!  Now test THIS!
The government test THIS!
All through the schools!

Teachers have to put headsets on
To test one one one, to test one on one.
Teachers have to put headsets on...
All through the schools!

Who's teaching class while you're testing one on one?
With a headset on? With a headset on?
Who's teaching class while you're testing one on one?
Teachers can't teach when they're testing in schools.

Sooooo....a Kindergarten teacher has a headset on her head?
Listening to what that child just said? 
And at the same time she has a classroom full 
Of children who came to LEARN at school?

TWO MONTHS gone from teaching in schools
To test the little ones....To test the little ones...
TWO MONTHS gone from teaching in schools
What government fool came up with these rules????? 
Ma Chérie Adds:

My lesson plans say....

FAIR testing....FAIR testing....FAIR testing

My lesson plans say FAIR testing 

All the live-long day! 

No new learning at all today

At all today...... at all today

No new learning at all today 

We are testing their lives away! 
Ma Chérie is all fired up about the Kindergarten Testing!
The Wheels of Madness Must STOP!
Well said sista!!!

I didn't want to interrupt the flow
of this song with my 2 cents.

Seriously, people?!
These short people
weren't even on the planet
five years ago!
Now they're spending

the same amount of time testing
as college kids on the ACT?
I take that back....
Kindergarten kids are spending more
time testing than college kids!

Can you say developmentally inappropriate?!

I understand and agree with
the idea of showing growth.
It's important to be able to say,
"they started the year here,
they ended the year here."
However, testing 5 year olds
like their 18 year old peers is 
the way to do it!

Do some developmentally appropriate
activities now and later in the year.
Compare the two.
There's your growth...
done with a Kindergarten child in mind.
...not some suit in Washington that
has NEVER been in a classroom.

...and now you have to use 
a headset?  HUH?
That little accessory hasn't hit Illinois yet.

What in the world is the rest of the
class doing while you're doing an
impression of DJ Jazzy Kindergarten Teacher?
Hanging from the ceilings?

Wrestling on the carpet?
Wasting brain cells?
All of the above?



I'm just waiting to see how long
testing is going to take out
of First Grade this year.
My Kindergarten friends....
I feel your pain!

May you be able to deal
with the Ups and Downs
of the school year.

Until then....
if you're still seeing red....
maybe this will help!

Clifford The Big Red Dog
by Norman Bridwell
Graphic Organizers:
 Have your students write
3 sentences about Clifford:
Clifford is...
Clifford has...
Clifford can...
 Clifford The Big Red Dog Bubble Organizers:
Have your students draw a picture
of Clifford The Big Red Dog, and
then write three things or three
sentences about him.
How about Spanish Clifford Organizers?

If you like those graphic organizers...
you may like my Firefighter Graphic Organizers:
...and here are some
Organizers for my Spanish friends:
Los bomberos son....
Los bomberos tienen....
Los bomberos pueden...

 Maybe those firefighters
can help us cool down as our tempers flare!

I just can't resist...

Clifford Labeling Sheet:
 Either have students write in the words...
or have them cut and glue the words onto the sheet.

A few days after this post...
Florida has cancelled all FAIR testing
for students K-2 for this school year!
Holy Shnikes Batman!
Someone is FINALLY listening!


Sarah Tello said...

I would love a copy of your Clifford label sheet. The write in one would be perfect.

Queen Chaos said...

Hi Sarah,
Just click on the pictures and they'll connect you directly to the pdf that you can easily download for free!
:) Regina

Sarah Tello said...

When I click on the sheet it pops up a message saying request permission and doesn't let me see the clifford label sheet.

Queen Chaos said...

Hi Sarah,
Try it now and see if it'll take you to the pdf. Please let me know either way. If yes, I can sleep tonight! If no, I'll have to play around with it a little more! Teachers must have Clifford labels!
:) Regina

Sarah Tello said...

Thank you so much it worked :)

Queen Chaos said...

Yay! I'm so glad!
:) Regina

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