Thursday, October 23, 2014

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater S.T.E.M.

Several years ago,
the Kindergarten teachers
at my school were asked
to not make Jack-o-lanterns in class
since the kids would be doing that
the following year in first grade.
Well....what is October
without carving a pumpkin?
 So I came up with a happy
I used the nursery rhyme,
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
and my class made a house for
Peter and his wife out of a pumpkin.

I would put the pumpkin out in a
small group center and my students
were able to play with playmobil people
and furniture while repeating the rhyme
and highlighting the sight words.
How stinkin' cute!
You can purchase a copy of the
rhyme if you'd like:

Since I have now gone S.T.E.M. happy
"gone S.T.E.M. happy"
Sounds like you've gone rogue!
I was thinking that it would
be a fun homework enrichment assignment
for my students to take home and do
with their families.

Since students can't really carve the
pumpkins themselves, this is an activity
that needs to have adult supervision.
I went ahead and made a homework
enrichment assignment that all of my
school's first graders are
taking home tomorrow.
Over-achiever much?
Since I don't have pictures for this S.T.E.M.
activity (must wait until next week for those),
I decided to go ahead and make this a
for all of my cyber friends!
If I don't share it now,
you won't be able to make prints and
send it out for homework.
This would be great for either
first grade or Kindergarten.
I made an option for students to use
either a ruler or paper clips for measuring
their pumpkins.  This is not a required
homework's just for those
who would like to participate.
Of course, you could have your
students do this in class....I personally
just don't have the arm strength to carve
18 pumpkins in one day (that's the number
of small groups that I have on my
S.T.E.M. Day Fridays.)
Again, over-achiever much?!

May your October be PUMPKINLICIOUS!

And enjoy that class party!

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