Thursday, August 2, 2018

No David! Easy Editable Plans

Do you sometimes
just need Easy Plan Pages?
I know that there
have been times that
I just need to practice
specific skills with my students…..
and on those crazy days
it’s just easier to grab a paper,
a marker, and teach!
I've started making this style of
Easy Planning Pages 
for me to add some cuteness
to my crazy!

These are completely editable
 for you....although to be honest,
I would just print them plain,
and have my students work
through problems with me
and their Partner Pairs
and/or Table Teams.
Not just the way we like it,
but the way we NEED it!

Here's a set of No David!
Easy Plan Pages in honor
 of the super talented David Shannon.

 To Download Click Here.

I decided to throw in a hat for
when you're teaching about rules
(for my first set click here).

 No David! I Can Follow The Rules Hat
To Download Click Here.

Happy Teaching 2018 Everyone!
Can you believe we're just days
away from another year?!
Sheesh!  Apparently I blinked
and summer sailed by.

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