Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yo.....It's Abiyoyo!

Ma Chérie has shared 
many a fabulous book
with me over the years, 
and now I am sharing 
one of her favorites with you!

What goes around, comes around!
You reap what you sow sista!

I just LOVE reading
Abiyoyo by Pete Seeger.
I've never read that book.
Tell me more.
When I first heard the title,
I thought:
"A bit of yo-yo? What???"
Don't let the title throw you
it's FABULOUS! Abiyoyo Book Trailer uploaded by ram97msu

It's based on a South African Lullaby. storybook video uploaded by Samuel Williams
(The BEST reading of this story 
is by James Earl Jones....
if you can find the recording, 
you are lucky indeed!)

This story goes great 
with a Fairytale Unit
or it works well in October
around Halloween...
I especially like that
it's setting is in Africa.
It has great illustrations,
and I like that the characters 
are all African....
great for my kiddos to see!

Here is Ma Chérie's teaching tip
that I have used for years....
and my students LOVE!
Begin reading the story, Abiyoyo.
Stop right after the section that
describes him:
He had long fingernails 
'cause he never cut 'em.  
He had slobbery teeth 
'cause he didn't brush 'em, 
stinking feet 'cause he didn't wash 'em, 
matted hair 'cause he didn't comb it.
I'm sure the kids LOVE this!
Is this about a teenage boy?
Eww....that's what I have to
look forward to?
Good times...
Nope....just a giant in Africa. 

Don't let your students see ANY
pictures of him up to that point.
(Use a paper to cover up the pictures
of him while you are reading.)

Pass out the drawing paper,
(I made this with Ma Chérie's idea in mind)
and have your students draw
 Abiyoyo.  They love sharing
their drawings, and they can't wait
to see how the illustrator drew him
once you read the story in it's entirety. 
What a fun idea!

I made a double bubble
(of course you did) 
comparing and contrasting sheet
with Abiyoyo vs. The Giant in 
Jack And The Beanstalk
that I would also like to share with
you....just click on my
Abiyoyo pic.
I thought these characters 
would make
a fun pair! 

There's nothing like working 
with a teacher who is willing 
to share her great ideas!  
I hope that everyone has a
Ma Chérie!
She sounds awesome!
We all need a little bit
of magic! 
That we do my friend.

Happy Reading!
Can't wait to do this
next week.  
Thanks for sharing!

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