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Veterans Day

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: 'I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America...' 'Teacher, do you think the Veterans like it when we do this every day?' asked the innocent child.
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When I was pregnant with our first child,
my husband and I went to see the movie
Saving Private Ryan.

For those of you who haven't
seen this movie, RENT IT!
It's a Spielberg movie about how
one family lost 3 of their sons
in World War II.  Once
the military realized the family's
loss, they sent a group of men
looking for the 4th son,
also a soldier fighting the war.
In the process, several men
lost their lives in an effort
to bring home the sole surviving son.

For those of you that have seen it,
do you remember the opening scene?
The first 27 minutes to be exact.
Not 5 minutes.
Not 2 minutes.
27 minutes.

This movie didn't hold back.
It was graphic.
It was real.
It was war.

I leaned over and told Bobby,
"If this baby is a boy,
he's not allowed to join the Army."

A few months later I did have a boy.
I'll be honest with you.
I hope Ben never joins the military
(for selfish reasons of course).
Three years later we had a baby girl.
I hope Abby never joins the military
(for selfish reasons of course).

Having said that,
if either of them ever choose to join
the military, I would be proud
(for their selfless reasons).
I would be terrified.
I would be worried sick.
I would grow really thick
callouses on my knees praying for them.
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My grandfather fought in World War II,
and when the movie came out we invited him
to go with us to see it.
He refused.

I found out that he had a standing refusal
to see any movie about war. 

When I was growing up, 
he never talked about the War...


...not until he met my husband, 
who is also a veteran.
Oh my goodness!
Hello King Common Sense.

Nice to meet you sir.
They're both Army Strong,
and they both don't talk to 
non-vets about certain things.....
period.  There was a common core of 
values between them both.  The way they
talked, walked and carried themselves.

The way that they look at the world.

FREEBIE In Honor of Veterans Day
Veterans: Graphic Organizers

Although Veterans Day is about
remembering those who have served,
I think a lot of us forget.

We forget that the older man at the
grocery store who's holding
up the line, wearing his WW II hat,
was once young, handsome, and strong.
He sacrificed his life during his
young and vibrant 20's so that
we could enjoy the freedom we
often take for granted.
I think we forget that the older woman
in front of us in traffic who's hugging
the speed limit, once held
the hand of countless soldiers
as they took their last breath.
She did that during her 20's when
most of her friends were getting
married and starting families.

We don't forget because
we are cold hearted or ungrateful.
We often forget because
most of those soldiers don't look
like the young and healthy actors
from Saving Private Ryan.

One of the coolest scenes in
Saving Private Ryan
comes at the very end.
Private Ryan's Character,
played by Matt Damon,
goes to the cemetery to visit the
grave of the captain
that led the mission to find him.

Tom Hanks' played
the captain that led 
the mission to find Private Ryan.
As Hanks' character lay dying on the
battlefield, he told Ryan
"earn this."
In that moment, 
the young man was given
his life's mission.
Live a life that is worthy
of the sacrifice of so many.

This scene is cool
because Spielberg takes
the young, strong, handsome
face of Matt Damon
and through the magic 
of cinema he 'ages' quickly
before our eyes into the old
man that he is for this scene.
He begins to weep and say
that he did his best
to live a life that "earned it."

Through this scene,
and the magic of the movies,
we are reminded
that these "old men"
once were the strong
soldiers that sacrificed
much to give us the life we all enjoy.
We buried my grandfather 
who was a Chief Warrant Officer
with full military honors at 
Arlington National Cemetery.
I'm sorry.
We brought our children with us,
where they could see the final resting place
of their Great Grandfather...
lying with thousands of others....
reminding us that we are only the land of the free
because of the brave. Where they could see their father
a retired LTC, who served over 20 years with
the US Army Special Forces, proudly
represent our legacy of service to our country
and where and what the cost of 
freedom truly represent.
Just got goosebumps.
What a bittersweet moment for your family.

Arlington is a memory I will never forget.
Nor should you.

My grandmother gave me our 
family geneology a few years ago
that runs down one line 
of our family history.
Through that line, 
I have ancestors who have fought 
in both the Civil War
and the Revolutionary War.

Veterans are the backbone of our country.
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Thankfully, most of our students
don't have a personal connection to war.
When we tell them we have Monday
off for Veteran's Day, 
they have no clue just what an
 important day it really is for our country.

With that in mind,
we do something special
in our classroom.
We make a class graph of all
of the Veterans in our families.
The kids place flags on the graph 
for every relative that served in the 
Air Force, Army,
Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard,
and the Navy.

The finished product is a humbling sight.
It also gives the kids ownership
of this important national holiday.
I LOVE your graph!
What a great way 
to help your students make a connection!
If you want to do the graph with your class,

I hope all of you enjoy your day off.
...and say thanks to the Veterans in your family.

We HEART our Veterans Poster
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cindy helms said...

I absolutely love your poster....Home of the free because of the brave. Thank you for sharing. However, I have tried several times to download the PDF...even tried installing the program that goes with it...which tried to take over my computer and had to delete. You have great ideas, but I can't use them. Thanks anyways. Happy Veteran's Day.

Queen Chaos said...

Hi There!
I'm so sorry to hear that you're having problems downloading...let's see if I can help. I know that there are big, huge buttons that say DOWNLOAD on those buttons. Look directly under the picture of the poster and there should be a View Document section....right underneath that is a small, gray tab that says "Download". Click on that teeny, gray rectangle. Then, in the middle of the next screen, there is a medium-sized, gray square that says Waiting Time: 0 Seconds/FREE on the bottom of that gray square (on the portion of it that says "FREE DOWNLOAD". Then you'll have the normal Open With Adobe Reader "OK". It should come up for you. You should be able to download without installing any programs onto your computer. If you still can't get it, please give me another message containing your email...and I'll send it to you.
:) Regina

Queen Chaos said...

I have changed my Veterans Day activities over to google docs, so hopefully that will help all of you who are wanting to download. I am working on switching my other postings over to google docs as well.
Thanks for letting me know that you were having problems!
:) Regina

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