Monday, June 23, 2014

Have A Turtle-rific Summer Everyone!

Do you ever feel like a turtle hiding in its shell
for the first few weeks of summer?
Well....that's EXACTLY how I feel
during the entire month of June.
It gives a whole new meaning
to the term "shell shocked".
Uh, I call it post-traumatic stress syndrome.
TomaTO, TomaTA
You know the saying "Teaching In The Trenches"?
In honor of anyone out there
who has joined me in feeling a little turtle-y,
hiding out before you have to rev back up
for another school year.....
I offer you a Turtle Freebie From One Teacher To Another!
Enjoy! And stay in that shell for at least a few more weeks!
Excuse pajamas are calling my name!

 FREEBIE: Have A Turtle-rific Summer Everyone!
Three Graphic Organizers
for a slow pokey teacher.....
oops I meant turtle!
Have your students write 3 sentences about a turtle:
A turtle is...
A turtle has...
A Turtle can...
Turtle Bubble Organizers
 Draw a picture of a turtle and
write 3 things or 3 sentences about it.

Shhhhh.....I'm hiding 'til Vegas.
Well you better show your face then!
I'm looking forward to finally

meeting you face to face.

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