Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Silly S.T.E.M. Songs and a Turkey S.T.E.M.

What have I been up to lately?
Hard to tell,
you little Energizer bunny.

Give me an S!
Give me a T!
Give me an E!
Give me an M!
What does that spell?
  What are we doing?
S is for Science!
E... Engineering!
M is for Math!
In fact,
I love STEM
 so much
that I just had
to make some songs
and chants for
Of course you did!

let me warn you.
My singing voice is lacking.
Sad. But true.
Fortunately for me...
my audience isn't picky.
Gotta love that about short peeps.
They don't understand what "carry a tune" means.

I always tell my kids that I'm old and forgetful
so they have to help me out.
One of my little boys the other day shouted out:
"You're not're AWESOME!"
Teachers may not get paid much,
but at least our kids are easy to please!

This first set is for purchase on TPT...
S.T.E.M. Songs
Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
by Regina Davis

There are three songs and one chant.
The three songs are based on the tunes
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes.
The chant is just a chant that I made
up that is like a cheer.

This next set of songs is FREE!

Surely the owners of the song tunes 
won't mind since it's for educational purposes only!
Little kids need to get excited about learning!
Maybe they'll hear the lyric changes
and they'll decide to make it sound really,
TOTALLY awesome for kiddos.....
wishful thinking!
I think you're just stuck with me,
and my cheeseball-ee voice!

Ideas Will Pop! is based on a tune
taken from the LDS Children's Primary Songbook
Popcorn Popping On The Apricot Tree.
FYI: This one happens to be Ma Chérie's favorite.

This one is based on the tune
from Gilligan's Island.
Remember the Professor who
would always come up with
all of these really cool inventions?
(BTW: I had a secret crush on him
when I was little.)
He was the original MacGyver!
True that!
You have to promise not to laugh at my voice!
5,6, and 7 year olds can care less if you're off key!

A S.T.E.M. Good Time!

This next one is based from the
YMCA song that everyone skated
to back in the day when we had our
4 wheeled skates.  Of course,
I never skated well, and I was a hazard at the turns.
I would just keep going until I'd hit the
rug covered wall.
OMG!  The rug covered wall.  LOL!
I'm having flashbacks.

Shoot the duck!
All Skate.
Then I thought I was
pretty cool when I learned to bend
my knees just a bit and actually
make the turn...
looking like a complete dork,
but at least I wasn't falling on my face.
Of course, I never had anyone
to skate with during the couple skate.
Never. Not once.
That was always a dagger to my young heart.
Uh did you not notice how many girls
were in the bathroom feathering their
hair at that time?  You were not alone my friend!
In hindsight, this was probably a good thing.

Me + Roller Skates + Boy = Disaster Waiting To Happen

No amount of blue eyeshadow or colorful headbands
would have helped me live down that spectacle!
But at least the leg warmers 
would have cushioned the fall.

I love the IDEA of this song....
it's just really hard to sing to.
Like: Super.Ridiculously.Hard.
I just couldn't get it to sound quite like I wanted.
So then I ran into Runway's husband
on Parent/Teacher Night and got him
to sing with me to make
it sound better.  Yes. Believe it or not...
this version is MUCH, MUCH better than
me singing it alone.
I'm sure the man thought I was crazy!
Luckily, he's part of our PTA
and is willing to make his son smile.
So, thank you Mr. Mac!
Does he know that he's
online and could possibly go viral?
Viral? Angela, I think you should hear
this first before you start commenting.
Major street cred for his kid!
It's still totally cheeseball-ee and dorky,
but not nearly as bad as it was when
I was singing it by me! 
There is a blip, but after taking about
20 minutes of his time,
I couldn't ask him to sing it again....
so it is how it is.

A few days later, he sent me a S.T.E.M. Rap
in honor of my crazy antics!
Score one for Crazy Lady!
Being on the crazy spectrum does have its perks!

My most recent S.T.E.M. that I've made is my
I Can Make A Turkey STEM activity.

My kiddos all made team turkeys out of
2-dimensional shapes.
Warning:  If you are looking for a
super cute turkey craft,
that everyone gets to take home...
this is NOT for you!

This is pure, 100% kid work on how to create
their own turkey while using just plain shapes.
Of course, they had to measure the height and the width
of the turkeys...they also estimated how tall and how
wide they thought their turkeys would be.
They also counted the letters in the
word "Thanksgiving" and they had
to give their team turkey the equivalent number
of orange dots....without having orange paint.

They had to decide as a team HOW to make
the orange paint from the three primary colors.
There was a team of three that had one little boy who was
sure that they needed red and yellow to make orange.
The other two on his team were not so convinced.
They thought that blue was a good idea.
The one boy just shook his head and said,
"Oh boy...this is going to be a mess!
I can't watch!"
Then he turned is head and covered his eyes
as his teammates added blue to their mix.
The next time around those two were
shouting, "No blue! No blue, Mrs. Davis!
Keep it away from us!"

This year I did this activity
the day before Thanksgiving break.
Yes, as of today
I actually have 9 days off from school!!!
You have 9 days off?!
We're no longer friends!
Just kidding.  You're stuck with me.
Of course I count my weekends! 

Now that I've actually made the activity and can just
quickly download and print--I think that next year,
it would be fun to do this
earlier in the month of November.
I could use it leading up
to the last week of school before Thanksgiving.

Here's to hoping that everyone
has a great Thanksgiving!
If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving
you could still set aside some time this week
to think of all of your blessings...
we all have them...big and small...
even if we have to give it some thought!
Some days I'm so crazed I can't see straight,
so I'm just grateful to be breathing and above ground.
That's always a good thing.
Breathing & Above Ground = Good Times
Thank you, God!
Thanks for the reminder!

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