Monday, March 9, 2015

March Into March With More Cat In The Hat!

It's March and if you're anything like me,
you're in a teaching frenzy!

Stop right there my Florida friend!
My, "I see the sunshine every time
I open my eyes" friend.
My, "Our students go outside
for recess every day" friend.

For the rest of us unfortunate peeps,
this is what we've been
dealing with...
These are my kids during one
of our "joyous" winter days.
Notice the sky?  Do you see the sun?
They're not standing next to a snowman.
That's actually me.
Pale as can be with the lack of sun.
Bald because I've pulled my hair out
over the excessive number of indoor recesses!
"Plump" around the middle because what
else is there to do when you're trapped inside but eat?!
If you live in the Midwest or out East,
I know you feel my pain.

So what was that again Regina?
Feeling frazzled? Uh, I think we can relate! calm the frazzled nerves,
I thought I'd share some more
Cat In The Hat freebies
with all of you!
You're cool like that.
Just saying...

I made and used these with my first grade class,
but I decided to include lower level materials for
any Kindergarten teachers out there.
I taught Kindergarten for the past 8 years,
so I know all about March Madness!

Cat In The Hat
Differentiated Instruction:
Addition and Subtraction

My kids really enjoyed
practicing their measurement
skills with this next activity.
I actually used our rulers and
my class measured and 
estimated to the nearest inch.
I added measurement
with paper clips and
unifix cubes as well
so that others of you
who are not using rulers, can use
paper clips or unifix cubes.
Thanks for that!   

Cat In The Hat
Differentiated Instruction: Measurement
 Just have your students estimate
the measurement by rounding up or down.
I hope your kids enjoy as
much as mine did!

My kids have gotten pretty
good at counting their coins
while using this:

Cat In The Hat
Differentiated Instruction: Money

Last, but not least
is some useful clock work practice.
Have your students practice
writing the numbers for digital clocks,
and the clock hands for analog clocks.
Sheesh!  You're a busy girl.
Thanks for sharing!

Cat In The Hat
Differentiated Instruction: Clock Work

May you find time to do all that you need to do.
May calmness overtake your classrooms,
and may all of your Little Cats A-Z
help with all of the cleaning up 
of little and big messes!
...and may you find yourself
OUTSIDE at recess someday soon!
...because rocking in a corner
is no way to spend your planning period!


sped_teacher205 said...

I can't find the Green Eggs and Ham Comprehension sheet you posted.

Queen Chaos said...

If ever you can't find something from our blog, try googling our blog name and the item name of what you are wanting. I've googled items from our blog before and it comes up with a direct link to the item most of the time. For this particular sheet.....see if this helps:
If you go the left hand side of the blog and scroll down to Blog Posts From Long, Long on 2014. Then click on March. Then click on "I Like Sam-I-Am". Scroll down through that post until you find it. It's on the bottom of a bunch of other freebies. Click on should take you to the downloadable pdf.
:) Regina

Cindi Doyle said...

Thank you for the freebie. I love the differentiated levels. I bought some stuff on TPT but love this even more.

Queen Chaos said...

Thank you Cindi! I really appreciate your kind words...and thanks so much for purchasing something on TPT! My own children have braces because of that fabulous site!
:) Regina

Poppy Parade Posh Boutique said...

These are amazing! Tfs!

tynetots said...

Thank you! Perfect for my first graders this week!

Queen Chaos said...

I'm so glad to hear that!
Happy Teaching!
:) Regina

colgreg said...

Thank you for sharing!

Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome...
Happy March!
:) Regina

Mrs Hiddleston said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing resources. My students loved them!

Unknown said...

You are very glad that they liked them!
:) Regina

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