Monday, January 25, 2016

I Can Build A Snowman STEM

I love when the first snow falls.

The crispness in the air,
the taste on your tongue,
the sweaters and coats, gloves and scarves
are all things that I love.
So why am I living in Florida 
for the past 15 years?
Ok, there it is.
Huh.  Good question.
DUDE!  My heat is on here in Illinois.
I'm under a blanket.
I don't question why you're in Florida.

When we moved here,
I thought that we'd stay maybe 2-5 years.
And then I blinked. 
Two more babies and a
decade and a half later...
I'm still here!'s to wishful thinking: 
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STEM Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Snow BUNDLE

20+ years ago when I began teaching in Texas,
I used to make the cutest snowmen with my 
class where the students would follow my directions
and we'd all end up with the same
cookie cutter (doughnut) snowmen.

Times have changed!

We are STEMming it up now,
and my kids are creating their own snowman plans.
In Florida.
Where there is no snow.
Not one flake.
In fifteen years.
OK, knock it off.
Now you're just bragging.
And yes, people...
I know that it snows on
occasion in the northern
part of Florida.
But I don't live there.
I live where the sun always shines,
and the sea breezes blow.
Except when it's the rainy season,
when we kick off our flips and
run through the rain.
I digress.
17 years ago I told King Common Sense
that I wanted to live somewhere that had four seasons.
We moved to Colorado.
It was absolutely gorgeous.

I learned that mountains really ARE purple...
just like in the song. didn't have four seasons.
It had 2.
Fall and Spring were just there long enough
to bring on the summer and winter. 
Then we moved to Florida.
My two seasons turned into one (again).
Back to one little season.
Remember me?
I'm the one from Texas?
Who has now lived in Florida for fifteen years?
They kid you not,
when they call it The Sunshine State.
One season.
Blah, blah, blah.
Your one season has the SUNSHINE!
We're under one big gray cloud here for months.
London fog?
It should be called Midwest fog.
Just go outside (in your flip flops)
look up (at the sun)
and smile.
You are blessed my friend.
Just call me One Season Annie.
Unless you count the rain.

Side Note: Rain...You are NOT a season.
I don't care that people call
you "The Rainy Season".
I am Queen Chaos, and in my realm...
I hereby decree that "The Rainy Season"
doesn't count as an official season. 
You know, Rain, you could very easily
turn into SNOW if you were EVER around
on the 2 days of the year that are below
freezing.  Come on Rain, come visit us!
Golden Boy has wished that you'd hang around
with us on those days.  I can't tell you how many
times he's said, "Mom! It's below freezing....if it just
rains....we'll have snow!  Look!  I see rain clouds!"
Snow is over-rated.
Just saying...
Ask anybody in New York and they'll agree
Day 1.  Snow day...wooo hoo!
Day 2.  Oh man, we need to go to the
store to buy milk...but we can't get 
out of the driveway.
Day 3.  Has it melted yet?!
And then the sea breeze blows.
Good-bye clouds.
Good-bye Rain.
Good-bye snow.
This STEM activity was one of my students most favorite
activities last year....hmmmmm....
I wonder why???????

Here's a little tidbit:
Do NOT think you're clever
and play the song
"Do You Want To Build A Snowman"
(while your students read and sing the lyrics)
from the Disney movie Frozen before you
start this activity,
or you're going to end up
with a class discussion
about how the characters' parents died,
and why, and where, etc. etc. etc.
It will be an uncontrollable explosion
of little voices discussing death.

You won't be able to stop
those who've seen the movie
from explaining how the parents died
in great detail to those who haven't.
Then someone will get teary eyed
as they contemplate their own parents possibly dying.
Little chins will wobble. Sniffles will start.
So then you'll try to deflect and talk quickly
about the natural life cycle--throw some science in quick!
Think bugs and flies and ladybugs....
No...that's not working....we LIKE ladybugs.
Regroup! Regroup! Thank goodness there
are doughnuts here! Focus! Focus!
Pass out the M&Ms.
Everyone chew and think
about building a snowman!
Not that I'd know anything about that.
Because that did not happen to me.
Fairy Tales And Fiction people....Fairy Tales And Fiction.
Huh-larious!  Nothing like sugar to get
the short people's minds re-directed.
By the way, this is one of
The Darling Diva's favorite movies.
I have to put my plug in for Disney...
after all, we do live in Florida!
Again, you're just rubbing it in!

Talking about favorites...
click here if you want to see one of MY favorite STEMs.
Why? Because it was so super simple,
and easy-peasy for ME.
The materials were all in my class,
I got to write on my students' desks,
AND it still had to do with snowmen.
Wishful Thinking. 

It was in the 80's my entire winter break.
It was so warm that I had to
lower my air conditioner a notch or two...
Just trying to keep that holiday spirit! 
Seriously?  You're killing me!
Rootbeer floats just didn't have the same
holiday feel as hot cocoa and marshmallows. 

It's been so hot that Karate Ballerina
has lost her mind and gone shark fishing.
She actually caught one with her boyfriend, Captain Snook.


That is just cray cray!
Karate Ballerina, Captain Snook, AND the shark
all survived and have a tale to tell thanks to the Florida heat.

Whatever happened to the good (c)old days,
when my oldest daughter was happy just making snowmen?

One Season Annie
signing off.

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