Monday, September 12, 2016

National Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of
National Hispanic Heritage Month,
I put together a collection
from youtube that you can
use in your classroom.
It is a simple powerpoin
 collection of Spanish songs,
sayings, and crafts
that I found on that fabulous site!  

National Hispanic Heritage Month
Sharing Spanish Songs, Sayings, And Crafts From Youtube

Download it
and add to it as you see fit.
There are TONS of Spanish
related videos on youtube that you can
choose to add to this small collection
to bring a little Hispanic appreciation
 into your classroom!      

 I am adding the 
youtube videos I inserted
here so that you can easily
find them in a pinch.

 9 ways To Say Hello In Spanish

123 Learning Spanish

  Hello Song In Spanish

Hello song in Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS - Good Morning, Buenos Dias

 Number Song In Spanish

Count to 10 In Spanish
Kids Immersion

Number Song In Spanish
Basho & Friends

Count To 1000
 Basho & Friends
Los Colores
Spanish For Kids

Learn The Colors In Spanish
Basho & Friends
How To Say "Happy Birthday"

Happy birthday, cumpleaños feliz, Helping your children learn Spanish

Traposo US

Las mañanitas Minions español

Ixchel Welt
How To Make A Pinata
Before And After TV

How To Make Your Own Maracas Or Can Shaker

Recycled Easter Egg Maracas
Sophie's World

Making Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers

You may be interested in my

A+ National Hispanic Heritage Month Information Text.

This simple, non-fiction text
explains why our
National Hispanic Heritage Month
falls between September 15th and October 15th.
I don't know about you....
 but that always confused
me just a little bit!
After researching it,
I made this little non-fiction
explanation that really
simplifies it for
   my simple brain.  

I also have a super simple
activity where students create
a Hispanic country's flag.
You could use this as a small
group activity, or you could even
make it into a little contest for
your classroom or your school.

A+ National Hispanic Heritage Month Flag Activity or Contest

During my travels through
the internet this year,
I found out about Sylvia Mendez.
Why is it that the story of Ruby Bridges
is so well known, whereas I've
never heard of the story of Sylvia Mendez?
I am Hispanic American,
and I would have loved hearing
about little Sylvia Mendez when
I was growing up.
 Check out this video on youtube about her!
Thank goodness for
involved parents!

I just had to make a labeling
sheet in honer of this little hero!

Hispanic Heritage: Sylvia Mendez Labels

Little Sylvia Mendez is included in my

National Hispanic Heritage Month:
Famous Hispanic Americans
After reading each page to your on the picture to link
it to where students
can see actual pictures of these
famous Americans.  

May you find
fun-filled activities
and songs
to help your students
Hispanic American Culture!   

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