Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lumos Maximus!

Does life seem to get a little nutty
around this time of year?
Let's be real.
We passed a "little" nutty weeks ago!
One October morning,
I was leaving my house 
in a hurry...
thinking about
my never ending list
of things to do....
for my classroom...
of course...
I drove out of my garage
with the back of my car opened.
Oh no!!!!!
I ran the back of my car door
 into the top of my garage door,
and completely tore off
my back windshield wiper from my car.
I am sooo sorry!
Half of it was shattered...on the driveway...
and the other half was dangling wildly from a wire.
I screamed at the impact
as choruses of "MOM! STOP!"
came from my kids in the car.
"What are you guys DOING back there?"
I shouted as I slammed on the breaks.
Of course that noise and bumping 
had to be my kids in the back of the car.
Even though I felt the impact,
and heard the noise,
while I screamed...EEEEK!
My brain still didn't quite register
what happened. 
"It's not's YOU!
You WRECKED the car!" 
Aw snap!




Good thing I stopped. 
I sent King Common Sense
a rhyming text,
trying to ease the blow....
that I had just wrecked the car...
and possibly the garage door... 
when I just
I was so frazzled 
that my rhyme time fizzled.
Girrrrl, in this situation you
just need coherent sentences!
Forget about being creative.
Throw yourself on the mercy
of a chaotic morning.
Luckily, the dealership was able to fit me in, 
and it all came to a happy ending
as I still got to school
with a few minutes to spare
... but really....
what was I thinking?
What a nutter butter!

It's hazardous
to think about school
while driving!

Why don't I have a wand
like Hermione in Harry Potter?
I have her crazy hair,
Ha!  You sure do!
so why can't I have her wand? 
Instead of Oculus Reparo....
I could have really used a
"Carrus Reparo" 
with a quick flick of the wrist.
I may not have a wand...
but I WILL have some graphic organizers.
And of course I'll share....
after all what's a little magic
if you can't share it with the world?
 Have students write three sentences about Hermione.
Use this bubble graphic organizer to have students
write about Hermione.
 Have students draw Hermione and then write three things about her.
If you like this, you may like
some Harry Potter Graphic Organizers
and Harry Potter Label Sheets
that can be found for free here.  

if you're feeling
overwhelmed, overworked,
overwrought and overthinking everything
to the point that you're becoming an overt hazard....
remember what Albus Dumbledore says in
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
by J.K.Rowling:
"Happiness can be found,
even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers
to turn on the light."

 Must remember.
Headlights are nice.
Brake lights are even better.
Kids that remind you that
doors are still open are even
better....just saying.

Lumos Maximus!

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