Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day One Christmas Freebie: Teach On! Llama Llama Holiday Drama Writing Paper

Christmas is right around the corner,
and that just makes me happy!
Happy, but it's also a bit of shock.
Just saying...

Did you know that TPT
is having
a site-wide sale from
November 28th to November 29th?
Cha ching!
We have a $10.00 TPT Gift Card
that one of you,
our faithful followers,
can win so you
can shop till you drop on TPT!
Don't forget to use 
promo code
at the checkout.

I originally wanted to do 
a Rafflecopter for this giveaway.
But I had "technical difficulties"...
...and if you've ever had the
"dreaded rainbow wheel" 
come up on your computer, 
then I know you feel my pain!

Sooo, simply email me at

Put TPT Gift card in the subject line,
put your name in the body of the email,
and DONE!  You are entered for $10 TPT cash!

I'll email the winner tonight
and announce it tomorrow
on Day 2 of our Christmas Freebies.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Unfortuntely we don't have
gift cards for everyone....
Seriously, there are 
100's of you out there.
We're teachers.  Who has that
sort of cash?!

What do to....
What to do....
What to do....

How about we have
Five Days Of Freebies
to celebrate our
very own love of Christmas?
This is TOTALLY Regina!
More than that...
we'd like to celebrate our 
love and appreciation
for all of the teachers who just
keep on teaching!  

Day Number One: Teach On!

May your days be free of stress and holiday drama!
Teach On Our Friends, Teach On!
...and if they throw you some drama,
tell them to save it for their mama!

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