Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline

Here is a quick freebie
for all of our faithful followers!
I made this cute,
Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline.
I hope you like it....
Like it?!  Love it!
What a great way to highlight his
life in a way that's "easily digestable"
for all the short peeps out there!
I hope you can use it next week,
or maybe next month!
Or download, print, and file it
away for next year!  :)
Thanks friend!
Download it and
save it to your files NOW...
it's only going to be free
for the next few days!
Gotta love a freebie!

 If you like this,
you may like my Rosa Parks Timeline
found at Teachers Pay Teachers:

Happy MLK Day!
...and the same to you friend!

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