Sunday, March 26, 2017

Leo Lionni...An Extraordinary Egg

Last year, I read a book from Leo Lionni
that I had never read before.
After reading An Extraordinary Egg....
I thought to myself,
"Well where have you been
all my life?"
And it responded by saying 
aww shucks...
(insert blush)
It's a cute little story about frogs
and an alligator.
You would think that as a
First Grade Teacher,
former Kindergarten Teacher,
former Pre-K Teacher,
and mother of 4 children
I would have read this book before.
You can't do it all sista!
Well....I'm just glad that I finally
made its acquaintance!

My First Grade Team
likes to have a Learning Camp
every May where our students rotate
through all of the First Grade Classrooms
and learn about reptiles and amphibians.
Sounds like fun...and a great way
to keep them engaged
during the cray cray month of May!
I thought that I'd like to add this
little gem of a book to our repertoire.
So....I made some easy to print
graphic organizers and writing paper.
Of course you did!
So little
Energizer bunny!

Disclaimer: I really made all of this for MYSELF,
and our 72 little First Graders...
BUT....I will share with all of you!
After all...
that's what friends are for!
Sharing is caring my friend!

An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni
Writing Paper
An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni
Writing Paper

And I hope you all have
last week of March!
May your Spring Break
be absolutely, positively

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