Sunday, September 24, 2017

Pete The Cat Hat

I just had to make something
that would make me smile.
I love me some Pete the Cat!
Click Here to download this hat.
--Thank you James Dean for
making books that make my kids
love to read!

You can make these hats whenever
you're reading any of James Dean's
fabulous books about Pete The Cat.

Smiling is important.
It's never overrated.
I hope this hat makes
YOU and your kiddos smile.
Say Cheese!

I have begun making hats
just for fun on TPT.
They make me happy.
Alphabet hats, number hats,
holiday hats (ie. Halloween hats),
and different character hats
(ie. The Little Red Hen and other stories).
 Hats off to all the Kindergarten Teachers out there!

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