Saturday, December 14, 2013

Do You Ever Feel Like A Grinch?

Do you ever feel just a little bit like 
The Grinch
around this time of year?
My own kids know to completely
on the Friday night that school ends
and Winter Break begins.
Oh. my. golly.
I literally collapse on my couch two
minutes after walking through the door.
Within another two minutes,
I'm out cold asleep!
By Saturday morning,
I'm able to form coherent words again,
but I'm still not quite myself until
around Sunday afternoon. 
But by Monday morning
not having to set my alarm clock
for two whole weeks!
woot woot!
(I can't wait!)
After I went back to teaching 8 years ago,
I no longer put up Halloween
Christmas decorations at my house.

I just can't do it.

I'm not against it.
I just don't have the energy to even try.

My kids and my husband put up everything
we need for these holidays,
since I am completely FRIED by the time they roll around.

in honor of The Grinch
which is one of my favorite
Christmas  books
(and in acknowledgment that I can
definitely be Grinchy this time of year),
I'm going to give out
For a teacher (You!)
From a teacher (Me!).
What better way to get rid of
"Grinchiness" than to share?!
You're so generous!

BTW-You're not Grinchy,
or even Grouchy for that matter.
You're just wiped out!
Short people can suck the life out of you!
Just saying.

If you like my labeling sheets...
check out my bundle of 62 different labeling activities!

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I always thought it would be interesting to
compare/contrast the Grinch to Scrooge,
so I made up some graphic organizers just for that!
There you go again.
Always thinking.
Does your brain NOT have.
a "sleep mode"?
Nope, remember me?
I'm Queen Chaos
and I live in "Regina World"
where I'm ALWAYS off-topic.
I will answer questions
5 hours after they've been asked.
I will go off on tangents at any given moment.
When I clean, I make a MUCH bigger mess than
there ever was to begin with....
how this happens,
I have NO IDEA.  
I wake up in the middle of the night
and I HAVE to get on my computer
to finish my thought that woke me up,
or I'd NEVER get back to sleep.
I have thoughts written
on the back of receipts,
on scrap pieces of paper,
on the back of envelopes.
I have my kids write down
my thoughts as I'm driving
so that I don't forget
what I was thinking about.
I'm like a mad professor
with teaching ideas rumbling
around in my head.
I'm a nut.
That's a riot!  I'm not THAT bad
but my nickname is "Squirrel!"
for the same reason.
I am so easily distracted
that I can carry on 2 or 3 different
conversations without a hitch.
It irritates those around me, 
but that's how I roll.
(Regina, no wonder we get along so well!)

Where was I again? away freebies!
See, I'm right there with ya.
Didn't miss a beat.
Go on...
 Just choose the style that best suits your needs:
 Choose your favorite and compare and contrast away!
Another winter favorite,
 that Ma Chérie shared with me years ago,
is The Christmas Humbugs by Colleen Monroe.

She worked at a book store
when she was going to college to be a teacher,
so she has quite the collection of fabulous books!
 Since the Humbugs are green and go along
with my Grinch theme, I'm adding them in!

These little guys are easy enough
for your 5 year olds
What did you say? heard it right....

All it takes is:
green paper
red paper
yellow paper
black paper
white paper
Easy enough.

Look at them....they're super simple.
The body is an oval.
The nose and eyes are circles.
the arms and legs are strips of black paper.
The wings are a yellow tear drop shape.
The stockings can be made by cutting white paper
and adding  red stripes with a marker.

The more imperfections they have,
the more "humbuggy" they look!

All my kiddos have is access to
colored paper, scissors, markers, and glue,
and they are completely enthralled
making their OWN humbugs.

No copies.


They turn out super cute
because some are as big as a silver dollar,
and others are the size of a dinner plate.
The best part is that they are created
100% by Kindergarteners.
(Once again....Ma Chérie's ideas are THE BEST!!!!)

Oooh....I just added a Grinch S.T.E.M.
Homework Enrichment Activity
just click on the pic to get to the blog post
where you can download it for free!
So, when you're feeling a little "Grinchy"
and are on the verge of shouting out "Bah-Humbug!",
maybe these freebies can help get you through
that last week of school!

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: 'Why is our teacher rocking in the corner? asked the curious student. 'Hanging out with so many excited kids the week before Christmas is a breeze right?'
*AttaGirl Funnies by Angela Furgal AKA Fairy Funtastic*
If you see this pinned somewhere else...know that you saw it here first!

Happy Holidays!

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