Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Very First Five for Friday

I have always enjoyed following this linky party.
I'm so geeked about being a part of it for the first time.
Woot woot!

I know some folks go from 1 to 5.
In honor of David Letterman,
I'm counting backwards from 5 to 1.
It goes with my counting
the hours until school is out!

To some this may
look like a simple beverage.
Don't be mistaken.
This is the best $1.06
of my day!
I refer to this as my
personal IV drip.
Just saying...
I miss you...Sweet Beverage...
Nectar of the Gods...
Can't have you in my life any more....
SO not fair that you're posting this Angela!

Dentist chairs and claustrophobia is an ugly thing!

It's not you, it's me.
Actually, no it IS you.
I'm breaking up with you Mr. Alarm Clock.
I'm officially unplugging you for 2 weeks.  
Take that!
I don't have to hear:
for the next 16 days!!!!
God is good!

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: December Lesson Plans 1. Scrape children from ceiling. 2. Repeat as necessary. Enough said.
*AttaGirl Funnies by Angela Furgal AKA Fairy Funtastic*
If you see this pinned somewhere else...know that you saw it here first!

Have you seen this card?
I've seen it here, there,
a little bit of everywhere.
Want to hear something silly?
I actually made it.
Making people laugh
makes me happy.
As corny as that sounds...
This is on my list because I've enjoyed seeing this
get pinned here, there, and everywhere.
My blogging buddy is F-U-N-N-Y!
I was standing in the copy room the other day,
and a teacher started telling me about
the funniest ecard another teacher shared with HER.
When she told me about it....
I just looked at her in shock
and said, "Wait a minute....
that's MY FRIEND!
That's from our blog!
If you haven't noticed...
Angela is Huh-Larious!
In order to give credit
where credit is due....
I've come up with a name and
a saying that you'll see under ALL over her
ecards on our site:

*AttaGirl Funnies by Angela Furgal AKA Fairy Funtastic*
If you see this pinned somewhere else...know that you saw it here first!

AttaGirl, Angela! Keep making us laugh!
(See? I already labeled the ecard up there!)

This is a beautiful, beautiful thing!
2 weeks of hanging out with the big
guy and our two short people.
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Pajamas here I come!

Doctors are allowed to have 
children with medical issues.

Teachers are allowed to have
children with learning disabilities.
Took me awhile to come to terms with this fact.
So this disclaimer is more for my
benefit than yours.
Nope....I think we ALL need to hear it!
Mom guilt is an ugly thing.
The worst kind ever....
I have it times 4!

This little piece of blue plastic is an absolute Godsend!
We've discovered that our daughter is dyslexic.
She's 8 and has gone through Vision Therapy.
She's HATED reading, writing, and spelling forever!
Not disliked it, but HATED all of it.
Although she's only 8,
this has been a long and ugly road.
Her AWESOME resource teacher at
her AWESOME new school
has discovered that this is 'her' color.
This past week she has been
CHOOSING to read!
Be still my heart!
It took all that I had not to cry like a baby
as she read, read, and then read some more.
She's obviously not anywhere near grade level,
but she's on the road.
Slow and steady wins the race!
You're going to make me cry!

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas!

When I hear a collective scream at 3:00, 
I'll know the final bell for 2013 has rung!
BRrrrrrrrring On The Holidays!

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Heather VanKuiken said...

Welcome to the linky! I am also so happy that the alarm clock WONT be on! That's so great that you guys found something to excite your daughter to read!! I hope it helps!

The Land of I Can

Angela Furgal said...

Thanks Heather, glad to be here! ...and yes, that piece of plastic is doing wonders. Who would have thought? Have a great Christmas.

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