Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mending Fences

Mending Fences...
by King Common Sense

Mending fences can be a sticky situation.
Give me some Gaucho or Concertina wire
any day over mending the fences of life.

The decisions we make,
the things we do,
the things that we say
all have an effect on others.
Sometimes good and sometimes bad.
When the fence is broken
your livestock will flow out of your pastures
and into the road
or onto your neighbor’s property...
It is not contained.

Just like in life.
When the fence is broken,
someone is always the bad guy...
on both sides.
But you have to come clean.
You have to come clean with all involved.
Correct what might have been
misinterpreted or misunderstood,
misspoken or misplaced.

When you mend a fence,
you have to stretch the two pieces
that have separated together
and sometimes even fill it
with a new piece of wire.
Interweaving the pieces together
until they are one.
Sometimes the new piece is stubborn
and you have to really work at it
to get it to take hold.

This is like forgiveness...
Forgiveness is a hard road.
When things have been done,
terrible dark and evil things
and the fence has been left open...
it becomes rusty and worn.
It is harder to put back together
and sometimes a whole new strand
must be put in its place.
This is like how it is to earn back trust.

When you mend a fence
you cannot worry about the cause.
You just have to get the damn fence mended.
So that your livestock can remain safely in your pasture. 

In life it is the same. 

If your fence is old and worn
sometimes poles, wire and tack all have to be replaced.
That is hard work.
But so is mending the fences of life.

If you ain't got the balls, don't step up.
All you will do is slow us down.
Us Cowboy's, that is what we say.

The longer you leave it,
the worse it will be, the harder it is to fix
and the longer it is to save what you've got.

Once you fix it,
you gotta maintain it and not let it go again...
cause may never
be able to recover that section
and you'll have to start all over from scratch.

Yup... mending fences...

I never knew that I married Louis L'Amour.
Dang girl!  Your husband's got it going on!
Not sure what prompted that...
...but sheesh!  Well written!
(Family, Funerals & Forgiveness)
He gets an 'A' for the day.
Aren't I the lucky one?
BTW....I love the sound of
"Give me some Gaucho or Concertina wire",
but I had to actually look it up.
I'm so glad that King Common Sense
knows things that I don't!
He is the yin to my  yang...
or, the Cowboy to my inner Indian Princess.

Happy Mending!

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