Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 New Year Freebies!

I have decided to have some fun!
I'm going to start sharing with everyone!
"start" sharing with everyone?
HELLO!  You share with everyone...

Be you a follower on this blog or TPT
I'm going to start handing out freebies
..........for following me!'re giving away your
super cool stuff?  So generous!

You'll never quite know which place I will strike!
Will it be my store on TPT?
Will there be a freebie there that you'd like?
Follow that store to be alerted of a new flash!
It'll be quick,  so sign up there to save some cash!

Will it be on our joint store
with Angela and me?
There may be a flash freebie
on there for you to see!
Become a follower
of our joint TPT store
to save, save, save
cash even more!

Will the flash freebie happen right here?
On our blog for our followers we hold dear?
If you're not a follower of our blog just yet...
You may like to follow for some flash freebies you could get!

If you are following just one
of these three that's great!
But you may lose out on a freebie
That's may be too late!

So follow me in all 3 spots
You'll never know when the mood will hit!
The freebie will be just for that one spot
And the freebie will be quick...don't miss it!

For example....
This one was posted for sale already on TPT
So those followers might miss this freebie
If they aren't also on my blog following me.

The New Year is coming
So here's a freebie just for you!
Here are some sentences
for your students to do:

New Year's Eve
Sentences: Fill In The Blank
 You can either have your students
cut and glue the answers into the boxes.

You could have them write each word
into the correct box. 

(This was a freebie for all
of my blog followers. 
If you missed it, I'm sorry!
Be sure to become a follower in all 3 spots
to get any future Flash Freebies!)

 My hope for this New Year
is to have lots of fun!
Making people happy
by sharing with everyone!

Happy New Year!
...and to you my bloggin' buddy!
2015 Here We Come!

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