Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kindergarten Fact or Fiction?

Dedicated to Ma Chérie and Long Island:

Have you ever had a day
when your portable cabinet
in your bathroom looked astray,
and after some investigation
behind it you soon found....
seven pairs of underwear
that you knew did not belong there.
But then, upon whose 5 year old bottom
did they belong?
1.  Uh, you lost me at "your bathroom"
as I don't have one of those.
2.  SEVEN pairs of underwear?! 
Did you not receive 7 phone calls from
parents of "underwear less" Kindergarten kids?
Read my sign:
Have you ever had a day
When you took your kids out to play
And you found something suspicious on the ground?

When taking a closer look...
Crossing your fingers and hoping that you mistook...
That brown log for a stick that fell down?
Ewww....don't pick it up!!
Your luck has run out.
And you give out a shout
For all your students to please stay away.

From that spot on the ground
Where to your chagrin you had found....
A long piece of poop that the custodian had to scoop
And remove very carefully on that day.
Custodian=the guy who saves the day!

This was not dog or cat scat...
(I would prefer that)
But no, sadly was not.
Somebody dropped it like it was hot!

Instead it was left
By someone who was adept
At hiding bathroom faux pas.

Remember my sign?

Have you ever had a day
While walking through the hallway
There was another odious looking log.
You thought, "It cannot be!"
But looking you could see...
That someone had left a little "gift" behind their step.
A step with a bit less pep.

So you stood over "_ _it"
Guiding traffic all around "_ _it"
Making sure no one stepped on
The odiforous, brown lump that you found.
"_ _ it" on the ground, "_ _ it" on the ground.
We all have to dance around
because there's "_ _ it" on the ground! 

But then, how strange you did seem
As a member of your team
Came to give a hand and take a look.
There you were standing
Over a foot-long dandy...
Protecting every little Kindergarten foot.
Reason 1,000 that Kindergarten teacher
made the top 10 of scariest jobs in the nation.

Yup. There's that sign again!

Have you ever had a day...
When walking your line
One little Kindergartener
Was not quite stepping in time.
He kept kicking out one leg....
Jiggling...wiggling it as he was led
Down the hall by his Kindergarten friends.

You hurried to see....
just exactly what was he
up to while he jostled his little leg.
And there before your eyes 
Plop, plop, plop...
It would not stop...
Out came little pellets one by one.
The culprit had been found...
The one who liked to leave -it on the ground.
Thank goodness....the madness could now STOP!
Last time for the sign--I promise!

Kindergarten teachers are not paid enough.
That's all I have to say about that.
Girrrrrl, don't even get me started on that one!

Since I can't give you guys a pay raise... 
to make up for your crazy days,
I can at the very least decide to share.
And share you do!
Here are fact family houses for you
Adding and subtracting is what your students will do...
Keep them busy to keep you from pulling out your hair!

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