Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jump, Frog, Jump! The End Is Near!

Do you feel like you are jumping through
hoops trying to get everything done
by the end of the school year?
Girrrrrrl!  You have no idea!
Oh wait, you do have an idea.
You're living right along side me.

We're having our First Grade Learning Camp
these next two weeks.  I'm so excited!
Three of my own kids did these fun activities,
and now I get to do them on the teaching side!
I was given the assignment of reading
Jump, Frog, Jump by Robert Kalan
to 3 different groups of first graders.
I love reading....but...
I tend to lose my voice.
That is my weak spot that always
goes first when I'm sick....
and it's the end of the school year,
so of course I have a cold.
Of course you do!
I'm not really sick, sick....
just tired sick.
The kind of sick that I wouldn't
be if I could see straight.
I've learned to make little
voice recordings and videos to help me
on those days that I show up at school 
with no voice.
Now that's being prepared!

Yes. It has happened.
Believe me.
More times than I can count.
I have learned to make do,
and my students' reading skills
are truly put to the test on those days!

Here's a video I made of the book.
I decided to post it here,
so that I can access it easily
on desperate tomorrow!
Or should I say today?  It is 1am Eastern time.
Go to bed already!
Let me just finish this madness!


Here's a little froggy bonus
for all of my hoppin' friends!
Get it while it's still a FLASH FREEBIE
on Teachers Pay Teachers...
just click on the picture to take you to it!

I made this little story for my students
to learn about the four basic needs of living things:
water, food, air, and space.

 Frogs Are Living Things: Book and Rubric

....and Jump, Teacher, Jump!
The end is near!

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