Saturday, May 30, 2015

Eric Carle Author Study

Are you wanting to do an
author study about Eric Carle?
I made this super simple,
easy to print activity
(as in....easy for subs)
for my kiddos to use at the
end of the school year.
I thought I'd throw it out
there in case anyone
else wants it!
Because you're cool like that!

I have a sub on 
Monday.  I'm taking
Hollywood to our state
college where he got a
drama scholarship....
so proud of him!
The one time that 
"save the drama for your Mama"
actually paid off.
Literally!...cha ching!

Tell your son that your bloggin'
buddy said Congrats!

So my sub will be having
a read-in with my kiddos
and Eric Carle's beloved books.
They'll read a book
and do a page in
their author study guide.
Easy peasy!
I'll even leave her the option
of having the kids read each
book aloud for the class
using the microphone
and the document camera....
they'll love that!
"Pick me! Pick me!"

Eric Carle Author Study
by Regina Davis
 Fold a large sheet of construction paper
in half and glue the next page onto
the front of the "book".
Insert and staple the rest of the
pages in the book.
Mister Seahorse Writing and Drawing
The Grouchy Ladybug Writing and Drawing
The Very Quiet Cricket Writing and Drawing
 The Very Busy Spider Writing and Drawing
 The Tiny Seed Writing and Drawing
The Very Lonely Firefly Writing and Drawing
The Very Clumsy Click Beetle Writing and Drawing
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Writing and Drawing
 My Favorite Eric Carle Character:
Here are some moving bookmarks
for your author study books.
Just hole punch and tie a string
to a bookmark.  Then tape the other
end of the string onto the inside back
cover.  The kids love having their moving
bookmark "walk" or "fly" through their pages.
Well aren't you clever!

AND for anyone
his last name is
pronounced C-ar-l.
I heard several
people including
one of my room moms
pronounce it C-ar-l-ee.
What?!  Are you serious?
I've never heard that said before!
When I heard it
pronounced that way
for about the third time
in an world
went a little bit 
Salvador Dahli-ish.  

Have I SERIOUSLY pronounced
his name WRONG
for the past 20 plus years?
It's very possible.
I wouldn't like that answer.
But it's possible.
After all...I do go by Queen Chaos.

So, my room mom was
kind enough to look it up
for my personal mental health.
 AND.....thank goodness
I'd been saying it right...
What did we do before
phones and google?!
Seriously?  How did we teach
without the Internet and Pinterest?

On a last note...
just thought I'd share...
I'm down to The Final Countdown!
Sidenote:  I had to actually look up this band's name.
I had no idea that they're called: Europe.
Where was I in the 80's?
I mean really!
Oh my word did you just bring me back.
I feel the sudden urge to get
a can of Aqua Net, a pair
of parachute pants, and
to say "Gag me with a spoon!"
( be honest...
I was deep into reading
Les Misérables, The Tale of Two Cities,
and Pride And Prejudice.)
Dang girl...we may not have 
been buddies back then.  LOL
I knew the song...the tune....and
"It's the final countdown!" lyric
said repeatedly....after all
that lyric is what made me want
to youtube the song to share
how I feel about summer coming!
But that's about it.
That's all I knew.
I didn't even know that they
were Swedish.
So many things to learn...
and so little time!
I think I should have
watched more MTV.
We did ALL the time.
I know waaaaay too much
about all of those bands.
My bestie and I were all 
about those guys with big hair.
I would have appreciated
my big hair just a tad bit more.
For sure!

Summer is officially 8 more
school days away!
Thank the good Lord above!
I have been chewed up

and spit out...repeatedly!
And YES...
I'm including teacher workdays!

I can't wait!
I can't wait!
I can't wait!


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