Tuesday, July 7, 2015

100th day STEM

 Today, I've been going through my 
STEM activities that
I did last year with my students.
There are actually over 20 activities that
we did that I never posted on
Teachers Pay Teachers.
Over-achiever much?!
I was just so swamped with
this little thing called LIFE.
So now, I'm starting
to back track and post some of my
STEM activities from last school year.

In the middle of my 100th Day STEM
 I found this little blurb I wrote
on the side about vaccinations.  
Where did it come from,
and why did I write it?
Who knows.
Good golly girl!
Your brain NEVER shuts off!
I'm like a mad professor
who just grabs whatever and starts
leaving notes to self.
Beware: if you're ever
in the car with me, I'll make
you my personal scribe.
Quick! Grab a pen and the
back of a receipt and start
writing my lists for me.
Pretty please.
Thank you.
Now I can
concentrate on the road.
Your kids must be pretty good
at that by now. 

I like vaccines.
Being around kids all day,
I think that they're a good thing.
There are enough germs and diseases
to go around that we can't do anything about.
Why allow the ones to stay 
that we can protect against?
Right or wrong, I like them. A lot.
Just Do It!
....and always carry Clorox wipes.
...and hand sanitizer.
...and don't share hats.
After all....
Very bad.
I know it's not life threatening,
but I sure wish that
they'd make a vaccine
against lice.
A shot in the arm
would be worth a lifetime
free of lice! 
Sign me up!

I must be a teacher.
Ya think?!

My last little one is going to
go to Kindergarten this year.
Moment of silence for the 
tear that is about to fall down your cheek.
It's actually bitter sweet.
I never thought that I'd be
upset about writing the last
check to her pre-school.
After all....I'll finally be bringing
home more than $500.00 a month!
That is so wrong on so many levels!
And yes....the zeroes
and decimal point
are all in the right spots!
Surprisingly, I was actually a little sad
when I wrote out the last
amount a few weeks ago.
The Darling Diva has been there
since she was four months old,
and they have done a wonderful
job with helping us raise our last little gift.
I can relate!  Our babysitter and her husband
were like grandparents to our kids.
They will forever hold a special place in our hearts!
Of course when she plays Mommy,
she hugs and kisses her baby doll,
cooing to it, and cradling it gently for
all of 30 seconds.  Then she
promptly drops it off with me or
King Common Sense, and gives us
our orders of how best to tend her
baby since she's "off to work."
Then she leaves us with the doll
and moves on to play something else.
Ouch.  In your defense
(and to all working Moms out there),
you've taught her how to both
love a child and financially support them.
More power to you sista!
Other than that little glitch....
Glitch?  More like a reality check.
her pre-school has been a God-send!

She's so excited about coming to
my school and being with me every day.
Golden Boy has tried to tell her that
she won't be so excited about it
after the first few weeks,
but she won't listen to him.
Ignorance is bliss at this age!
She thinks its' going to be the COOLEST thing!
Her big brother (whose going to be a freshman next year)
just shakes his head and rolls his eyes.
Typical brother who is "so over" it!

Around her birthday, she had all of her 
Kindergarten vaccinations and she was so brave.
She tried so hard not to cry.
Karate Ballerina (her 20 year old sister)
was there with us and The Darling Diva knew that her
older sister has never cried from getting a shot.
Really. Not Ever. 

When my oldest was a baby,
she would just give out a little grunt
(like she was completely disgusted)
whenever she got a shot.
That's hilarious!
What a little trooper!
Around the age of 4, she told me
that I had to tell her a long time
in advance when she was to get a shot
so that she could mentally prepare.
Wow!  She is wise beyond her years!
 That seemed to work wonders for her,
but not for my second child.
We had to ambush him 
or we'd never have been 
able to get him into the doctor's office.
Hollywood (my number 2) was a complete howler.
He'd get so mad, his face would turn red,
and he'd actually stop breathing from being so upset.
Ooh, I HATE when that happens.
I'd have to blow gently on his face to make him catch
a breath and return to his normal color.
The next two, Golden Boy and The Darling Diva
range(d) right in the middle of the two extremes.

Well this time, The Darling Diva decided
that she was going to be brave.
She tried so hard not to cry.
I hate when my kids get shots.
From a mommy's point of view....it's not fun.
Her little lip trembled, and she took a couple
of gasping breaths, her eyes teared up and
her little fists shook as she looked over
at her sister and said in a wobbly voice,
"I'm being brave,
I'm being brave,
I'm being brave!"
That is absolutely precious
and heartbreaking all at the same time.
Oh, to have a big sister to look up to like that!

Here's a picture of my kiddos...ranging from 5 to 20.
(I have to admit that the first time I really felt
my age is when I told someone that I have
a 20 year old daughter....being 40 didn't make me feel old,
or 45...but saying I have a 20 year old?  Yup. I'm old.)
And as a side note...
in case  you're wondering....
the answer is NO.
My boys don't cry
over shots anymore. 

The Darling Diva, Golden Boy, Hollywood, and Karate Ballerina 

What a great pic!
Your boys are so handsome

and OMG! your girls are gorgeous!!!
Like does your husband have a shotgun
that he cleans when potential
boyfriends come over?!

However, I'm absolutely SHOCKED that
their hair is so straight
considering you have such 
curly hair...like crazy curly!
He..He..He...when they were
little and I was a Stay-At-Home-Mom,
people used to always think I was the nanny.
Nope! They're all mine!
My husband just happens
to have very strong genes!
Plus my mom who has a lot of Native American
in her has EXTREMELY straight hair.
She had no idea what to do with my
curls when I was little.  Poor woman!
She'd brush and brush and brush
my hair, and I'd walk
around like a poof ball. 
Good times!
  It just makes me giggle
that I found that vaccination blurb
in my 100th Day STEM....
I mean....Really!
What a nuttter butter!
Girrrl, you cray-cray!
Here's something to make
YOU smile!
For the next 48 hours
my 100th Day STEM
can be downloaded here
for FREE!
Just a little Thank You gift
for all of our blog readers
that put up with my
ramblings and nuttiness!
My children thank you!
Writing this blog with Angela keeps
me from muttering to myself.
Which keeps the Darling Diva from having to say:
"Mom are you talking to yourself again?"
No. No I'm not.
I'm just writing a blog post!
Thanks for sharing!

100th Day Shape Art S.T.E.M.
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Here are some pics of my students'
100th Day projects.
Notice the paper plates....
they came in handy for
keeping all of the
cut out shapes from
getting lost.
There were snakes and robots,
but my personal favorite was
the artistic rendition of Abraham Lincoln.
We had houses, and flowers,
and even an extra large number 100. 
Students counted their shapes by 10
to make sure that they had
10 groups of 10 different shapes
10 x 10 = 100


If you missed this freebie,
I'm sorry!  Be sure to become
a blog follower to catch any
future freebies listed here, and a TPT follower
for any freebies listed there!




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