Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Alphabet Letters & Sight Words

I'm so excited about
making some new 
language arts materials!
That's right.  You math
teacher you!
I just have to share some
sprinkles with our blog followers!
Here are some pages from my
Alphabet Handwriting Practice in Print:
Super cute!
How about I give you the letter Q page for Queen?
Thanks for sharing!

 and the letter C page for Chaos.

Here are some
Gray Scale Line sheets.
Angela these are for you!
Here's a letter A page for Attagirl....
Thank you my friend.
  and a letter F page for Funnies.

The last style is Modern Manuscript.
The first 2 schools I taught at ages ago
in Texas required this type of print:
I'm giving you a letter R page for Regina....
When I first started teaching,
I seriously struggled with writing this way!
I'm such a block printer that I was

so NOT used to these fancy tails!  LOL
  and finally a letter D page for Davis.

I feel like a cheerleader!
Give me a Q!
Give me a C!
Give me an A!
Give me an F!
Give me an R!
Give me a D!
What does that spell?

Which could mean:

Quick! Call a friend!
Quick! Catch a fast ride! 
Quick! A frog is there!
Quack! A friend rode a duck!

Don't you love reading your kids sentences
at the beginning of the year and seeing how much
they grow by the end of the year?
Teaching Kindergarten at the beginning
of the year is a lot like childbirth.
It's unpredictable and can be pretty painful.
Your brain allows you to forget this pain so
that you'll do it again another year.

But yes, it is very rewarding to see how much
progress your kids make from the start
of Kindergarten to that last day.
In that regard, our jobs are pretty awesome.
Just saying...

If you liked these pages,
check out the entire alphabet
available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

THEN....let's see...
I have a new
100 Sight Word Sentence Builder.
Here are three sample sheets that
you may want to try out!
I LOVE doing cut up sentences
with my kids!

BTW: I feel like the little, old lady at 
Sam's Club with my cart of cheese samples!
"Here my'll just love one of these!"
"Why thank you little cheese lady!"
 Here are the answer sheets so that you can
get a good idea of what the expectations are.
Students will count the number of
vowels and consonants
in a word...add them up for the
total number of letters in the word.
They'll trace the word repeatedly with rainbow colors,
they'll cut and glue the words to create a sentence.
They'll write the sentence,
and check their work with
an easy to use checklist.

If you like these sight word sentence builders,
check out the entire set of 100 words on
Teachers Pay Teachers!

A+ 100 Sight Word Sentence Puzzles...Building Sentences, Handwriting + Addition

I'm also working on a set of alphabet books,
but these are seriously going to take me a
while to complete....I don't know...maybe years.
Girrrrl, you have WAY more energy than I!
There is a reason that I have shied away
from committing to alphabet books....
I just keep adding and adding and adding.
I must have some kind of disorder that prevents
me from keeping it S-I-M-P-L-E.
It's called over-achiever!'s  small sample from my letter Aa book.

There are actually 27 different words
that can be found in the download
on Teachers Pay Teachers.
This set also has all of these words in
black and white, small books,
in a word wall, syllable counting,
with word finds and word puzzles.
SHEESH!!!  Did you not sleep or what?!
Whew!  See why this is going to take me a while?!
So far I have the Letter Aa Book:

A+ Alphabet Book: Aa ...Word Wall, Syllable Count, Word Search, Word Puzzles
The Letter Bb Book (Set 1)

A+ Alphabet Book Bb Set 1: Word Wall, Syllable Count, Word Search, Word Puzzles
The Letter Bb Book (Set 2)

A+ Alphabet Book Bb Set 2: Word Wall, Syllable Count, Word Search, Word Puzzles
The Letter Bb Book (Set 3)

A+ Alphabet Book Bb Set 3: Word Wall, Syllable Count, Word Search, Word Puzzles
The Letter Cc Book
A+ Alphabet Book Cc: Word Wall, Syllable Count, Word Search, Word Puzzles

Did you happen to notice that
there are THREE letter Bb books?
What is wrong with me?
Maybe there's a pill I can take.
Now do you understand why the complete
alphabet  may take me years to complete?
I have issues.

I hope you enjoy your little taste samples.
As always, thanks for being so generous!



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