Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day Five Christmas Freebie: Teach on! Click Clack Ho Ho Ho! Writing Paper

Click Clack Ho Ho Ho
by Doreen Cronin
is a great book to bring on
some holiday fun!
This is too cute!
My kids always like to
see what these
farm characters
are up to!

 Differentiated Writing Paper

May you never feel stuck
in your lesson plans...
At this point in the year,
they say
"Remove children from ceiling.
Repeat as necessary."
but if you do....
just add a little
"Ho Ho Ho" magic
to help you...

Teach On!


SC Teacher 28 said...

These writing papers are adorable! Thanks so much! :)


Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome, Joni....Merry Christmas!
:) Regina

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