Sunday, December 11, 2016

Health Insurance Hikes Can Bring Out The Grinch!

How can we possibly blog
in December
without including
by Dr.Seuss?

 I know right?!

I don't know about you
but the Grinch is one of my all time
favorite storybook characters.
Reading Dr. Seuss' book
always helps my heart to grow
a few sizes...even when I may be feeling
a little grouchy or should I say grinchy?

 You?  Grouch?  Nah! 

Oh yes...Yes my friend...
I can find myself a little grouchy...
especially since I just found out
that my health insurance
through my school district is now
going up around $400.00 a month.
Merry Christmas Teachers!

OUCH!  That happened to us
a few years back.
Bobby had to get a second job
to cover this cost.  Boo hiss....

On the bright side,
that is less than the amount
our school board INITIALLY  suggested.
Our local paper spun it as our school board
is saving teachers money.

"Heads I win, tails you lose"
sort of philosophy?


And teachers as they read this
felt ice-cold in the snow.
They stood there puzzling and puzzling
How could it be so?

How?  Unfortunately
employer provided healthcare
has become a luxury
that most of us will no
longer have someday.

Am I feeling a little GRINCHY?
You betcha!

Nah, just dealing with
your new reality.

I must focus my green fumes
into something positive...
Here's some Grinchy Writing
to share!

Differentiated Writing Paper
Maybe I should use this
to write a personal letter
to members of my school board... 

Or maybe I'll use this paper
to write a Health Insurance rendition
of Dr. Seuss' much loved poem. 

Health insurance cleaned out the ice box
as quick as a flash.
Why Health Insurance even took
the last of my teaching stash.
And the one speck of food
That it left in the house
Was a crumb that was even
too small for a mouse. 
THEN Health Insurance did the same thing
To the other Teachers' houses
Leaving crumbs
Much too small
For the other Teachers' mouses!  

There are many teachers who are having
to drop to the lowest policy possible because
they simply can't afford the price hikes.
The lowest policy is an $18,000.00
deductible for hospital stays.


 How is someone who
can't afford $400.00 extra a month
supposed to afford $18,000.00
if something goes awry?


Teachers are just waking up!
I know just what they'll do!
Their mouths will hang open a minute or two,
Then the Teachers down in Teacherville
Will all cry BOO-HOO!

Sorry friend. That's awful. 

Every Teacher down in Teacherville
the tall and the small,
Was teaching!
With or without
decent insurance at all!

Christmas is just around the corner!

shhhh, so much to do.

Time to focus on happy thoughts...
Time to make sure my head
is screwed on just right.
Time to make sure
my shoes aren't too tight!
Maybe I should stop stress eating!

LOL! Shouldn't we all?

Happy Thoughts.


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