Sunday, May 14, 2017

Jump Frog Jump! Characters and Food Chain

Here is a very quick
end of the year
Four beautiful words...
"end of the year"
If you like to read about
amphibians and reptiles
this time of year,
here are some
storybook characters:

(click on the following words to download)
Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan
Storybook Characters

Pass out small, paper bags
and these labels....
then have your students
add the storybook characters in order:
(2 years ago I blogged about this same
book.  Click here to see a video story.)

I decided--last minute--to add
a food chain page as well.

Just cut these into 3 strips.
The little asterisks are there
to show that these animals
were NOT eaten in the story.
My Firsties were very clear with
me on that issue 
Oh, I'm sure they were!
(as my initial
set of food chain characters
did not have anything marking
them differently).

I explained how even though
they weren't eaten in the story,
if they were living in that
particular ecosystem...
they would be a part of
a food chain.

I don't know about you,
but we have 9 more days of school!
So much to do,
and so little time!
Girl!  You're to single digits.
Woot Woot!!
I was in the copy room
yesterday working like a maniac
to get these out for my First Graders.
*** M-A-N-I-A-C ***
A Kindergarten teacher came in
as my hair was flying
and the cutting board was chopping,
and she shouted...
"Slow down!  Slow down!
You're going to cut your fingers!"
In my frenzy, and chopping, and hair flying,
my prints were zooming out of the machine
when another teacher said....
" looks like someone
sent a copy to be printed and their prints
are printing on your cardstock."
Don't you HATE when that happens?!
I had exactly 2 1/2 minutes
until I was on morning duty for K and 1.
I know right?!
You can't get that paper back.

It's like gold!
Like for reals!
I ran to the machine,
grabbed the hot copies
looked at them and
THREW them in the air.
At this point,
the two other teachers
started quietly
You realized they made
a phone call right?!
Expect a "visitor" on Monday
doing a mental health
well check on you.
Be prepared to look at ink blots.
Just saying...
How many days?
Oh yes.

Girrrrrl, you've been doing
this far too long.
You'll get it all done!


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