Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Listening Walk: Let Your Little Scientists Record What They Hear!


It's time to go
on a listening walk!
Thank goodness,
because some silence
sounds really good
this time of year!

I just purchased
my own classroom book,
by Paul Showers
for my First Graders.
(...and just in case
you're wondering....
yes....I bought it
with my own money....
of course...
don't we all?)

Click above to purchase your own!

Here is a version of
it on youtube:

 ....and HERE
is a little recording sheet
for your little, listening scientists.

May your day
be filled with 15 minutes
of silence.
maybe 5.
Five minutes of silence
would be nice....

We're walking!
Not talking! long do I
need to wait before
we can do this again? 

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