Sunday, October 8, 2017

Go Away Big Green Monster Hats

 Here's a little hat
for when you just want to say....
Go Away! 
CLICK HERE to download the hats.

Just fill in your own blank:

Go Away ______________!
And Don't Come Back....
Until I say so!

There are soooo
many things that could
possibly go in that
little, bitty blank.

Thank you Ed Emberley
for creating this super, simple
DYNAMO of a book!
This was my oldest son's
favorite book when he was little.
He's not little anymore.
He's big.
Did I mention
that my Hollywood
decided to join
the U.S. Army?
You want your kids
to grow up and be independent...
(and then a little piece of you doesn't want that at all)

You're proud of them
when they can stand on
their own two feet.
But you miss that
little boy who used
to want you to read
to him every night,
and sing him his own
good-night song
that you made up
just for him.

No one ever quite
tells you how mixed
up your feelings can
be when you're a mom.

Go Away Nostalgia!
Go Away!
Ok...maybe not.
You can hang out for a bit.
Just for a little while.
For more FREE
Go Away Big Green Monster
activities CLICK HERE.

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