Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veterans Day 2017

Today is Veterans Day.
I am an Army granddaughter,
a Marine's sister,
an Army wife,
and now...
an Army mom.

I love our Veterans!

I have made some
teaching materials over the past
years that have a
Veterans Day or
military theme.

These products are free
at my TPT store for anyone
who would like
to teach their students
about the courage of these
brave men and women.

Here is a list to choose from:

 A+  FREEBIE for Veterans Day... Veterans: Three Graphic Organizers
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 A+ FREEBIE: We Love Our Veterans! Poster
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A+ Free...Soldier: Graphic Organizers
This next one,
I just made this
Veterans Day morning.
(Because Regina does NOT have an off switch!)

When I went to my son's
Basic Training Graduation,
I bought a t-shirt at the Army base
with this saying:

Real Heroes
Don't Wear Capes,
They Wear Dog Tags.

I love the shirt.
It makes me a little teary...
and a whole lot concerned...
I have gotten 25 new wrinkles
since Hollywood has become
a soldier in the U.S. Army...
but I do agree with the quote.

I wore it to school this past week
in honor of Veterans Day.
I also decided to make
a Pledge of Allegiance poster
for anyone who needs
it for their classroom
with an accompanying writing sheet.

A+ Freebie: Pledge of Allegiance Poster And Writing

A+ Freebie: Pledge of Allegiance Poster And Writing

I hope you have a
relaxing yet reflective
Veterans Day....

and please always remember:
"Freedom isn't Free." 
Thanks for the reminder.

Go Thank A Veteran.


SC Teacher 28 said...

Thank you so much for these wonderful freebies! You are the best!

Queen Chaos said...

You are so very welcome!
:) Regina

rd ritik said...

Veterans Day Poster

veterans day poster

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