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.....New School Year Resolutions

*AttaGirl Funnies by Angela Furgal AKA Fairy Funtastic*
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My Grandma has a saying
that I need to remember when
I'm about to add yet another pile
of work to my in-box.
Are you ready for it?
It's a good one.
Like, write it in calligraphy
and put it on your desk.
Or tattoo this to your brain.
Are you ready to hear it?
Serioulsy, it's gonna blow your mind.
Ok, here goes....

"It's easier to keep up than to catch up."

Regina:  (I just had to step in and make a cute picture for all of us.)

Simple huh?
But aren't all the best things in life?

What does that mean in the life of a teacher?

It's easier to grade, record,
and file those assessments NOW
instead of adding it to the pile
you started last week.
(That's me, my desk and back counter 
are FULL of piles.)

It's easier to get started on those
emergency sub plans NOW
instead of at 3 a.m.
when you're sicker than a dog.
(Don't you just LOVE showing up at school
at 6 a.m. to put Sub Plans on your desk?
Been there, done that!)

It's easier to prep that 
art project NOW
instead of assuming you'll
have time tomorrow after lunch.
...because nothing unexpected ever
comes up during the course of a school day!
(Did you say lunch?  What's that?)

It's easier to work on
next week's lesson plans NOW
instead of Sunday night 
before bed.
(I have actually been known to work on my
plans on Sunday night IN BED....I do love my laptop!)

It's easier to make 
those copies NOW
rather than assuming the copier won't 
be broken tomorrow 20 minutes
before you need them.
(I think there's a hidden agenda to 
that copier breaking keeps us
on our toes and thinking out of the box!)

It's easier to make
that parent phone call NOW
(while you're thinking about it)
instead of realizing later that night!
(at midnight)
that you forgot to do so!
(I can't tell you how many times my eyes
have popped open in alarm during the middle of the night!
Uhhm....Angela? I'm starting to see a pattern here, 
this is NOT a good thing!  Maybe we should have 
chosen a different topic for this post?  
Let's see... how about: Two Can Make Do?)

I'm not going to set
New School Year Resolutions 

I will drink less Coke.
Are you kidding me?
I NEED that IV Coke drip to
keep my head above water.
(OK...I have something to say about Coke.
Thanks to my 3 cans a day habit [yes, I actually drank 3 cans a day],
I have now had my first root canal-welcome to my summer!
ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH....root canals, those are for old people, right?
I guess I'm officially old....but I digress...
As I was sitting, hyperventilating
[so drugged up that my husband said I was snoring--What?!
I have a root canal AND I snore????
Anyway, in my mind I couldn't possibly have been snoring,
because I remember EVERYTHING.]
I was in the dentist's chair when I realized a sad truth...
I SERIOUSLY need to back off the Coke, sista!)

I will drink more water.
See above!
(See my above, too!  Believe me, 
I DO NOT want to have a repeat!
Although I think the man got the WRONG tooth,
and I may have to have ANOTHER root canal at some point.
Did I just say that?  Where's the brown bag so I can breathe?!
Curse you, COKE....Curse you!)

I will eat healthier.
Really?  Lunch is often a 
quick trip through the drive-thru
before I get back to get
started on the afternoon's activities.
(Uh...lunch?  Drive-thru...what?!)

I will start exercising.
Again...between my classroom,
helping with homework for the two
short people at home, 
and keeping our home somewhat
clean and organized,
exercise is often the last thing on my mind!
I don't have much to add to this...
so I think I'll just nod my head in agreement! 
Although, I do LOVE her term "short people" for her kids. 
Three out of my four "short people" are actually taller than me, 
so I can't borrow that phrase from her.  
"Tall people" just doesn't have the same ring to it!)

Those of you teachers out there that can
do all of this and do it well...
What college did you go to?
I didn't get a SUPER WOMAN
cape with my cap and gown.
Did you pay Sallie Mae extra for that?
(Angela, if it would make you feel better, 
I could easily create a nice Super Woman "S" 
for you out of felt. Just send me your 
cap and gown and I'll attach it for you. 
I've got mad glue gun skills...
Just saying.)
Nice thought, but I don't think it 
would have the same super powers!

Don't get me wrong.
I NEED to do all of these things.
(I admire and respect all of those Super Women...
but really, they baffle me.)

However, saying out loud that
I plan on doing them often leads
to the January Resolution
February EPIC FAIL
(EVERY summer I give up my Coke,
and by the end of every September I'm right back to it.
Of course this is BEFORE my dentist permanently traumatized me,
so we'll see what happens this year!)

So instead my goal
this year is to
rather than

Who knows...maybe doing
this will lead to a few less stressful
nights in need of a large
Coke from McDonald's.
(It's a new year...and I will stay on top of things!)

Maybe I'll feel so refreshed that
a bottle of water will be just
what the doctor ordered.

I may even be so caught up
with my paperwork that I can enjoy
a nice walk with the big guy
and our short people after
enjoying a healthy dinner.

Did I just admit to maybe
drinking less Coke,
drinking more water,
eating healthier,
and exercising?
(We can do it!  We can do it!  We can do it!)

May all of your
pinning and planning
be productive and your
New School Year's Resolutions
stay true!

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In fact, talking about making teachers smile....
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my good friend and mentor, Ma Chérie,
showed me how to make a Shape Monster Book.
It wasn't her original was passed to her
through the teaching grapevine.
Since then, I have looked to see if I could find
the original author....but I couldn't.
Well....after doing the book several years with her,
I decided to revamp it a little for our kiddos
and this is what I came up with.
I hope your kids enjoy it as much as ours do!
Clipart by  Blog License:  67042
If you can make a monster voice as you're reading this....
your little one will LOVE it:
"Shape Monster, Shape Monster,
munch, munch, munch!
I want a red circle
for my lunch!"
 The whole book is also available in black and white.
It's also available in half-sheet size for easy printing
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