Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

One of my favorite books to read
when we get back to school every January
is Shanté Keys And The New Year's Peas
by Gail Piernas-Davenport.
Never heard of it before!
Well, my friend....time to go to the library!
That's actually where I first found it years ago,
and I liked it so much...I had to purchase my own copy!

It's a cute, fiction book that gives a multi-cultural look
at what different people in different cultures may use
to celebrate the New Year.

Here's trailer from youtube uploaded by eldridgeart:

Since I really like this character,
I decided to make some graphic organizers
for Shanté here are some freebies for you!
Write 3 sentences about Shanté Keys.
Shanté Keys is...
Shanté Keys has...
Shanté Keys can...
Different lines for different classrooms!
Black and white versions for the economical teacher!
 Shanté Keys Bubble Map
 Draw a picture of Shanté Keys and
write three sentences or things about her.
For more writing activities for the New Year,
check out:
New Year's Resolutions Graphic Organizers

New Year's Eve Graphic Organizers

FREEBIE: Shanté Keys Labels
Write in the words to label Shanté Keys.
 ....or you can cut and glue the words to label Shanté Keys.
My kids enjoy your
"I can label" sheets.
I love it because,
don't tell them,
but they're reading!
Thanks for sharing friend!
If you like my labeling sheets...
check out my bundle of 62 different labeling activities!
Purchase now at the lowest price you'll ever see!!!
Now that's a bargain!
I'm excited to share some NEW things
that I've been working on over the Winter Break:
A new series I'll be making are Sentence Bubble Sheets
to help my students with the dreaded bubble tests
that they are now required to take at the end of the year.
....because they're 5 and 6 years old and THAT'S appropriate...
Sorry, couldn't help it.
I don't want my students to panic or feel overwhelmed
when they see a bunch of words and bubbles. 
Let's put this in perspective!
They're only five, people...
as in they've only been walking for 4 years,
talking for 3 years,
and potty trained for 2 years (give or take)....
and now you want them to bubble in multiple choice
answers to sentences that they read by themselves???
We are too much alike.
I literally inserted my sarcasm up above
before I read this entire post.
Yep!  You said it perfectly!

Thank you Common Core police.
I thought the sign on my door said Kindergarten,
not the 'new first grade.'  Good times...
Aw snap!  Was that out loud?

 In case you're wondering....
I'm COMPLETELY OPPOSED to Kindergarten students
bubbling in multiple choice answers,
but I'm just a lowly, Kindergarten teacher
who has to do what she is told....
so my motto is:  Prepare them,
and it better be cute, darn it!

Since I don't want total melt downs and sheer panic
overhauling my classroom during THIS year's test...
..and that's just from the teachers!  Can you imagine
what the short people will be doing?!
I REFUSE to see tears and rolling on the floor in despair,
because they feel
I'm going to REALLY prepare my kiddos with the idea that:
It's OK if you see lots of words on a page
and teeny bubbles to bubble in all over the place!
With this in mind, I am PLANNING
on making quite a few of these Sentence Bubble Literacy Sheets....
so I am offering the entire bundle at a deep discount
right now since there is currently only six in the pack...
more will be added, I promise!
Anyhooo, if you're interested in saving $$$$ here is the pack for you!
Buy now for the best savings!
The price will go up!
Thanks for thinking outside the box,
or is that bubble?, 
and helping us prepare for the inevitable.

Sentence  Bubbles Bundle:
I know....all you're hearing is Blah, Blah, Blah....
and thinking: I STILL can't get over that you have to give
five year olds a multiple choice bubble test!
I know right?!

So....moving on to my next NEW item
that I'm going to be making a bunch of this year....
Tic-Tac-Toe Practice....Yay!
Let's learn some sight words....let's feel like we're playing...woo-hoo!
You're so clever!
Do you like mazes?
I used to love them as a kid....
so I decided to start making
some mazes for my students.
Awww....they'll really like these too!
Here's a Freebie....if you act fast!
Amazing Mazes:Penguins
It's a FLASH FREEBIE on TPT for my TPT followers.
I know it doesn't go with my New Year's theme,
I just didn't want you to miss out!

If you want to see all of my upcoming
FLASH FREEBIES, be sure and become
a follower on

My FLASH FREEBIES  will only last for so long...
How long?   No one knows....not even me!
It may be for a day, a week, or longer.
After all, my name IS  Queen Chaos!

Here's my New Year's Maze:
OH.....what the heck....
I was going to make it a paid item only,
but I changed my mind...
I'll post it as a FLASH FREEBIE, too....why not?

After all....what better way to get some New Year cheer,
than to put some smiles on teachers' faces?
Happy New Year!
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