Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Introducing....AttaGirl Funnies

Confession time.
When I was a kid, 
I was so
the coolest,
the cutest,
the best dressed,
the richest,
(you know all the stuff that kids value).
But I could make my friends laugh.
If it makes you feel any better,
I was called Shirley Temple with black dandruff
in first and second grade--not fun.
I always wanted to be Farrah Fawcett 
in our Charlie's Angels gang on the playground....
but I ALWAYS had to be Kate.
That's like a death knell
to a girl with big dreams.
Somewhere Kate just went
"What's so bad about being me?
I am one of Charlie's girls after all?!"

But the blonde girl got
to be Farrah EVERY single time.
Also, can I just say that in second grade
I always wanted
the brown leather boots that zipped up
on the inside (in 1978 they were a BIG deal).
We are sooo showing our age with
Charlie's Angels and these boots.
So I finally convinced my mother
to get me some, but when we got to the store
I couldn't zip up the darn things!
My calves were too big for the boots!!!!
Careful, pretty soon you're going to admit
that leg warmers wouldn't fit either.  Shhh...
 Not only was I Kate....
I was a CHUBBY Kate!!!
Growing up isn't such an easy thing to do!
Oh, how I cried and cried and cried!

By 6th grade, all I wanted was
the long, straight, blonde hair that
would do the flip wings....
try that with my dark, curly locks.....
NOT going to happen. Like EVER.
Do you know that one day my mother
decided to send me to school
with my hair brushed out,
and this was the day that
the boy I had a crush on 
unbeknownst to me
was professing his LUV about me to his friends....
STOP!  Before you get to the bad part
that I fear is coming.  Let's focus on the
positive.  You had a crush on a boy
that liked you back.  
That's a big fat hairy deal in middle school.
As in that NEVER happens.
Revel in it....
Ok, moving on.
so I get to middle school with my hair
TOTALLY poofed out to the hilt.
If you don't have curly hair or you don't know
someone with curly hair, you need to know this:
You DO NOT brush curly hair....not unless
you're ready to pop into the shower because....
 it grows into a ginormous puff ball.
So I show up to school,
his friends are all laughing HYSTERICALLY,
and he's sitting in the cafeteria
with his beet red face hiding behind his hands.
He wouldn't even look at me.
I'm sad for both of you.

He ended up with a straight-haired girlfriend,
Of course he did.
To this day, he's probably praying
that his children don't get naturally curly hair
on account of the flashbacks.
Sorry, I couldn't resist.
and I didn't have a boyfriend
until MUCH later in life.
OK. Enough ranting.
Enough about ME....
Angela I was just trying to commiserate!
Sorry for just going on and on...
it's just that no one listens to me in the real world!
Ha!  Another reason bloggin'
is therapeutic!
Ok....whew! Gotta stop!
Go on, please!

Being funny doesn't sound like a very
'marketable' trait but that was me.

Well some things never change.
I'm still not 
the coolest,
the cutest,
the best dressed,
the richest,
(you know all the stuff that most folks value).
But I can still make people laugh.
She made me laugh so much when
I first "met" her that my husband
thought I had lost it when I would
just giggle and snort while reading my emails!
That's when I KNEW that this lady
needed to be blogging!
I was the lucky one who got her to
be my blogging buddy.
To quote Angela--Jealous much?
 Shirley Temple with black dandruff knows 
a good thing when she sees it!

Have you seen those someecards all over Pinterest?
I have always loved reading

them and getting a chuckle or two.
Target has even sold
merchandise with those
someecard jokes on them.

Did you know that anybody,
yes even YOU,
can make a someecard?
Uh...yeah, right.
She makes it sound soooo easy,
but really?  Not so much.
It takes a lot of talent to
say something short and
sweet that makes
people stop and laugh.

You go to their site,
pick a color,
pick a picture,
type your text, 
and voila!
A someecard to share with the world.

Check out their site
right here.
You can start your own account
and send cards to all of your peeps!
You're welcome.
Angela, THAT'S really why I like you so much,
I always think that the best teachers share!
I would often create an ecard
to go with the theme of our blog posts.
I'd pin it on Pinterest
and then watch it get pinned
anywhere from 100 to 300 times.
AND have it quoted in a completely
different state by other teachers
at the copy machine!
WHAT?!  That's cray-cray!
But I sooooo enjoy relating to other
teachers and making them laugh.

So my buddy Regina,
you know the one I haven't
even met yet,
Yes, that's me,
Shirley Temple with the black dandruff....
oops, I mean Queen Chaos
I have GOT to remember that I'm 43 and not 7.
I've come a long way since then!
After all, I may not be an Angel...
but I AM a QUEEN. 
but we have this little blog 
going on,
(We're so cool!)
that chick suggested
I make my own cards.

So she came up with
a cool title:
AttaGirl Funnies.
(BTW-the A and F are my initials.  
Isn't she clever?)
Clever or Crazy?

Well she is a bit crazy
because Regina offered to draw
the "image" of Attagirl
that I had in my head.
She promised to keep drawing
until the picture was exactly
what I wanted.
I have to say that
making AttaGirl's
blonde, feathered hair
gave ME flashbacks!
Jealous much Kate?!
I have come to love
and appreciate my
dark curls, big calves, chaos,
and everything else that adds up 
to make ME!
"I yam what I yam"...
it just took me
35 years to figure that one out!

I asked her to make "me."
A tired, 
and basically overwhelmed
IV drip, 
a.k.a. my Coke in one hand,
with my bookbag weighing me down,
laptop, pile of books, and papers
in the other arm.
Yep, that's me!

Check her out!
So I'm gonna try this.
When you see these 
AttaGirl Funnies pinned
on Pinterest.
You can say,
"I know where they started."
Feeling down,
need a pick me up?
AttaGirl to the rescue!
P.S.  I hope they make you laugh.

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bek said...

Yea! I LOVE them! Oh, and for the record...being the teacher across the hall from the AttaGirl star...I can vouch that the pic looks just like her. And yup, I don't think I've ever seen her without a Coke in hand. Hmmm, I'm starting to wonder if it's superglued...I'll have to check tomorrow! Can't wait to see more!

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