Saturday, April 12, 2014

Testing Stress......Let It Go!

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed
this time of year with all of the testing that is required?

Ma Chérie came in my room last week,
and told me to come over to her class to
watch a video that a friend had shared
with her on Facebook.
(NOT that she hooked up Facebook
in the classroom....let's be perfectly clear on that.
She youtubed it, and then she sent it
to every teacher at our school.)
And I bet they appreciated it!

So, off I went, having no idea what I would see.
OMG....if you HAVE to watch this
video that teachers made for their
students to see before they take a state
mandated test.  I know that it was meant
for older elementary kids....but even in Kindergarten
now, I can't tell you how many days of school
are lost to testing days....too many.
Way too many!  The 'forefathers' of
Kindergarten would cringe if they
truly understood just how wackadoo
Kindergarten has become.
We are NOT the new first grade!
The sign on my door says "Kindergarten."
Just saying....

I started crying in the middle of the video...
yup, tears were welling up in my eyes.
There is just soooooooo much PRESSURE
on everyone!

Feeling the Test Stress?
Watch this youtube clip, and let it go!

Let It Go (Testing Parody)....Michelle Morse Wendt

I have to post this now before I forget....
Seriously this.
It'll make you smile, it'll make you laugh,
it'll make you cry.

In the words of my
good friend Ma Chérie
"I want to teach with these type of people."
...sign me up!
I agree!  The hours
it must have taken to
plan, create, perform, and edit
this video speaks volumes 
about their dedication
to their students as well
as their belief that
their students were capable
of "Letting it go" and do their best!

I'm gonna have to head to their

school website and give them an 'attaboy!'
...because we need to stick together...
regardless of our grade level!!

Great idea!
I think we all should do that!
 I made some simple classroom posters
to go with their song....
just in case anyone wants them!

Let It Go! Relieving Testing Stress Classroom Posters

I decided to give some different options
just print the color and words that you like
the best or use the black and white set.
 Let your knowledge show!
Just Let It Go! Poster
 Show how much you know!
Just Let It Go! Poster
Here's my favorite line:

"I don't care
what the questions say,
If I do my best...
I've already grown this year anyway!"

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