Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Wishy Washy Zoo

I just love, love, love Joy Cowley!
As a former Reading Recovery teacher...
I would love to go to New Zealand one day
and visit some elementary schools.
I've heard that they're top notch over there
in teaching reading.
Not only that but they're top notch
in how they view Education in general. we see a correlation?
I would actually love to
travel the world looking
at elementary schools.
Wishful Thinking!

Anyway, I love her Mrs. Wishy Washy
series so much that a story popped in my
head and I just had to make it.

Here's a fun Brain Break video that
pays tribute to Mrs. Wishy Washy.
Gotta love The Learning Station!


I've posted the pics for the book,
so that you could check it out real fast.
The actual pdf has the words show
up first, and then the pictures "pop" onto
the screen. I like to make my books like
this so that my students have to actually
look at the words first before looking at the pictures.

Wishy-Washy Zoo by Regina Davis
I also made some simple
story vocabulary practice.
Of course you did!
If you continue to scroll
through the pdf, the words will
show up first so that your students
can have a chance to try and read them
before the picture "pops" up.
I also made a Word Wall from the story, you ever sleep?
if  you would like to print it......enjoy!
Here are two mini word walls for
your students to use.
I like to print them out
(3 of each....for 6 total)
and use them in small group centers
with the larger word wall strips.
I actually cut the large word wall strips
 in half (word on one side, pic on the other)
and I show my students just the word.
They have to read it,
find it on their word mat and mark it
either with a marker, crayon,
or with a small item (like a button or a counter).
The kids can't really copy
off of each other with the different
versions being on the table.
Tricky, tricky Queen Chaos!
...for all of those kids
'lookin' for loopholes'.
We all have them!

I have to say that my kids,
LOVE this book.
They can't get enough of it.
They just giggle and laugh
through the whole thing.
The kids were laughing so
hard last year, that one of
my super quiet, little girls
shouted at everyone to stop
laughing because she couldn't
hear the story.
 I know that it's because they
absolutely love the Mrs. Wishy Washy
series by Joy Cowley which
we read earlier
in the year.
I always start off
with saying,
"Remember Mrs. Wishy Washy
and all the animals that she
needed to wash?
Well, there are some zoo
animals who are just as dirty
as cow, pig, and duck."

I hope your students
enjoy it as much as mine do!

I think I'm all washed out!
Time for bed! 
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