Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The End Of An Era

I went to my grandfather's
funeral this past weekend.
I'm sorry friend.
He was my step-grandpa,
married to my grandmother
for close to 60 years.
My Grandpa Patiño was
the last of my grandparents.
He was the end of an era.
 Here are my Grandma and Grandpa Patiño
before they moved to El Salvador.
So classy!
Good-bye Grandpa....
You'll be missed by us all!
God Speed!

My Grandpa Graphic Organizers
 My Grandpa is...
My grandpa has...
My Grandpa can...

 My Grandpa Bubble Organizers
  Here's an African American Grandpa For You:
  For those who prefer the word "Grandfather"....
Here are Graphic Organizers of both a
Caucasian and an African American Grandfather:
AND....Last but not least....I can never keep up
with all of the different names that my students
call their very special grandfathers, so I am
including a blank sheet for students
to fill in their own grandfather's name.
I can't have little Johnny use the name
"Grandpa" or "Grandfather" if he calls this special man:
"Granddad" or "Poppi".
If you would like the matching set for
Grandmas or Grandmothers,
please visit my TPT Store.
Just click on one of the pictures:

In honor of my grandfather
who was known for his
grilled hamburgers
and his homegrown tomatoes,
I am sharing some simple
sentence writing sheets with
all of you.

Hamburgers anyone?

Have your students write
3 sentences about a hamburger.
A hamburger is...
A hamburger has...
A hamburger can...

Hamburger Bubble Maps

  Have your students draw a hamburger
and write 3 things or 3 sentences about it.

 I was offered one of my grandfather's tomato
plants, but I was afraid to take it since
I accidentally kill all plants that are left
in my care.  Unfortunately, I don't share his
green thumb.  I DO share his love
of tomatoes, though,
so let me make a writing activity instead!

I initially had just plain tomato clip art,
but then I found this super cute clip art
so I had to change it!
Tomatoes Graphic Organizers
 Have your students write
3 sentences about tomatoes.
Tomatoes are...
Tomatoes have....
Tomatoes can....

 Tomatoes Bubble Maps
  Have your students draw tomatoes
and write 3 things or 3 sentences about them.

Of course, I have to share
these writing activities in Spanish.
 After all,  Grandpa Patiño
 is the reason that I'm Hispanic.
My father would have never met
my mother if he hadn't been taken
to El Salvador by
his mother and her husband.

I hope all of you Spanish or Bilingual Ed Teachers
can find some use for these writing sheets!
 Have your students write
3 sentences about "una hamburgesa".
Una hamburgesa es...
Una hamburgesa tiene...
Una hamburgesa puede... 

Please excuse my Spanglish.
I'm too tired to write the whole thing in Spanish.
It would take way too many brain cells.
Must use those for other things,
like remembering to brush my teeth.
That's how I roll at 10:00 pm on a school night.
True that sista!
"Una Hamburguesa" Spanish Graphic Organizers
 Bubble Maps for "Una Hamburgesa"
  Have your students draw "una hamburgesa" 
and write 3 things or 3 sentences about it.

"Los Tomates" Spanish Graphic Organizers
 Have your students write
3 sentences about "los tomates".
Los tomates son...
Los tomates tienen...
Los tomates pueden...

  Bubble Maps for "Los Tomates"
  Have your students draw "los tomates"
and write 3 things or 3 sentences about them.

If you're like me,
and no longer have grandparents...
maybe it's time to think about adopting some to
come and work in your classroom.
I have been fortunate this year to have
3 lovely grandmothers volunteer in the
mornings.  With their help,
all of my kiddos are reading.
They are amazingly helpful...
and they love being
with the Kindergarteners.

May you all have your
grandparents around for
a very long time.
Appreciate them while
they're still here.
Call them....
right now...
go on...
pick up that phone...
They need to hear from you!

Are you calling yet?
Why are you still reading this?
You're supposed to be on the phone!

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