Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Easter!

Can I just say that
Lucille Colandro has made my
Kindergarteners very happy children, indeed?
They absolutely LOVE her books.
Ditto!  The kids immediately
recognize the illustrations.
Then they try to figure
out what she's going to "puke" up.
Too gross?  Uh, I teach Kindergarten.
You can't scare me!
Just saying...
They love them so much,
that their teacher (that would be MOI)
just had to make a "moving" book
to accompany one of her stories.
Be sure and read:

BEFORE showing this easy reader to your kiddos.
 The single word pops up first,
and I always give my class some
wait time to figure it out before
I show them the picture.
Can't wait to try it.
I'm sure they love it!
 I tell my kids not to worry,
no harm will come to the chick!
Yes, I know...I forgot to put "Yum...Yum!"
after this slide.  This is a Pre-Computer Meltdown
pdf. that I made a while back. Click HERE if you want
more info on THAT tragedy.
I refuse to redo the whole thing for one glitch.
Plus, it'll keep my kiddos on their toes
when they're reading.
 The kids like to see the old lady hopping about.
I'm giving you the main pics from the pdf,
but if you download it and click on each page...
it'll look like she actually hops!
Word Wall:
 Here are 2 versions of a smaller word wall
for students to use individually.
I like to cut my larger word wall in half
(one side with the word....the other side with the pic).
Then, in a small group, we read the word
and the kids have to find it on their mats.
 I made 2 versions of the mini mats
so that my kids can't look at their friends'
mat and copy.....bwah-ha-ha!
Girrrl, you can't trick a Kindergarten teacher.
 As a bonus....I added the word "dog" to the word wall.
The book doesn't mention him, but his character can be
found in the book's illustrations.

 Just in case you want to add the dog
to your students' word wall mats.....
here you go!
You're so generous!
Thanks for sharing...AGAIN!
Today my kids used these
two activities in my class,
and they had to think, think, think!
Just thought I'd keep on sharing
if you're interested!

Spring Bunny And Eggs Sentence Bubbles
Bunnies And Eggs: Spring Sentences
Fill In The Blank

And for the pièce de résistance:
super cute handwriting and sentence reading practice
that we've been using all week!
50 Kindergarten Sight Words:
Spring Bunnies And Eggs Handwriting Practice
 I'm telling you...throw in some cute clip art
and access to markers, and KABAAAAM!
You've got yourself some serious writers!
Markers and cute pics are the key!
Five year olds will write tons
if you just put colored markers in their hands.
True that sista!
Our short peeps love gimmicks!

If you're totally anti bunnies and eggs...
I do have just a spring one:
50 Kindergarten Sight Words
Spring Handwriting Practice
 Ma Chérie was looking for a center
activity this morning, so I printed this
out for her real fast.
I can't tell you how many times
she has passed center activities my way,
so it's nice to give back!
Easter Bunny or Spring Bunny Labels

Happy Easter!
...and Happy Easter to you as well my friend!
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