Friday, March 28, 2014

My Music Madness

Growing up, I could listen to
any type of music and find beauty in it.
Ditto.  My itunes playlist is a hodge podge.
In that regard,
I made for a great college roommate.
I listened to pop, rock, country,
new wave, classical, jazz,
opera, instrumental, show tunes...
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
You name it:
I listened to it...
without complaint.
I even "banged my head"
with one roommate
who said that I was the only one
who understood her.
I don't know about that.
I had a headache afterwards.
Ouch.  Hate when that happens.

Although I like all the different
variations of music,
I have never interested myself
enough to know the titles
of the songs or the singers' names.
I'm so clueless about all of that.
A good friend used to laugh
and tease me that I wouldn't know
a famous singer if I saw one.
When I was a flight attendant,
I had a drummer
in a famous band
(famous to other people...
to me...not so much...who are you again???)
give me his phone number.
Oh no he diin't.
He wanted mine,
but I wouldn't give it to him....
I was married--duh!
Although marriage didn't
ever seem like a deterrent
to most passengers....
I actually had an extremely
tall, professional basketball player
follow me into the first class galley
and put his hands on me.
Oh, no he diin't!!!!!
It took my threatening bodily
harm from my husband
(who was about 7 states away)
for him to apologize and leave the galley.
Hello? What is wrong with these people?
See why I became a teacher?
Anyway, this drummer gave me his number
and told me to call.
When I got home from my trip,
I told my husband about it.
King Common Sense
called that number,
and yes....
it really was the
drummer's home phone.
I think that's all I have to say about that.
Aw man, you realize whoever is
reading this is DYING to know
what band he was from.
hint, hint!
If you won't say here, email me later.


As a wife,
I let my husband
control the music in the car.
Doesn't bother me one bit.
It's worked for us for 20 years.
He has good taste,
so what he chooses is fine.
I don't care...I only listen
with half of my brain anyway,
the other half is thinking
about tons of other stuff.
As a mom,
I let my kids
control the music in the car.
Ok. Not a problem.
I get to have input
in what they're hearing.
My kids know....
anything too sexy, too rude,
or too melancholy is not allowed.
By melancholy....I mean the whole
"my life is over because you left me....
I'm worthless without you....
I'm such a piece of nothingness...
I'm a dirt speck underneath your feet"
type of music.
Nope.  My kids aren't allowed
to listen to people moan
about how crappy their lives are,
how they were insignificant before
being with a certain person,
and how they're lives are
meaningless without that person.
I tell my kids,
"Hey, not everyone
is going to like you--
much less LOVE you...
so get over it and move on.
Don't sit around wallowing in it.
You're better off by yourself
than being around people
that make you feel inconsequential."
My kids don't even bother
waiting for me to tell them
to change the song anymore.
"I know mom....I'm changing it!"
--is what I hear before I even say anything.
Well done Mom.
I honestly think that some of that
music is almost worse than the
music that is too sexy, or too rude.
Repeating lyrics of lovesickness
over and over is such a waste of time.
Plus, it can really eat at your soul.

As a teacher,
I listen to tons
of Kindergarten songs.
Yup. Doesn't make me crazy.

In fact, I just watched
Saving Mr. Banks
this past week,
and I absolutely LOVED it.
Haven't seen that yet.
I had no idea
that one of my favorite musicals
as a child is actually
based on a book...
now why did it take me
all this time to find that out?
Time to read me some Mary Poppins!

I found this on Pinterest.
Don't know who to credit...Thank you for sharing!
In honor of Dr. P.L. Travers,
I made some
Mary Poppins Graphic Organizers
for all of us!
Of course you did!

Have your students write 3 sentences
about Mary Poppins:
Mary Poppins is...
Mary Poppins has...
Mary Poppins can...

 Mary Poppins Bubble Maps

 Draw a picture of Mary Poppins
and write 3 things
or 3 sentences
about her.

I've been fine with my
music "whateverness" until lately.
This year there have been changes.

It has taken me 43 years
to say, "ENOUGH!"

I still generally listen to whatever
other people want to listen to,
but I now know what I like.
On those DESPERATE days....
when total madness and mayhem
surround a stressed out Kindergarten teacher...
if you teach--you know EXACTLY
what I'm talking about--
I close up my Kindergarten classroom
(when I actually have a
few minutes of rare "alone" time)
and go to youtube to hear my music.
Alone time? What's that?
You may be asking this if you are
teaching in the trenches.
It doesn't come often, and I've actually
had to just stop everything
and do this for myself. 
I've had to tell myself:
SO WHAT--if my classroom
isn't Pinterest perfect?
SO WHAT--if my plans aren't pristine?
SO WHAT--if everything isn't
Common Core aligned?
BTW...I just found out that
Common Core has been dumped
by the state of Florida.
Yup, you heard right
...teachers have been scrambling
to get everything up to par for
Common Core and now
we have to switch to
similar standards under
a new Florida name with new
code numbers.
Of course!
Are you surprised?


Same tune, different lyrics?
Beautiful analogy.
...and yes, same tune, different lyrics.
Unfortunately, the 'composers'
are getting overwhelmed in the process.
Teaching isn't what it used to be.
Aw snap! Was that out loud?!
What a waste of time,
colored ink, and laminating...
not to mention--sanity!
Can I just say that
my right arm is throbbing at the moment....
it's physically painful to think
of all of that cutting I've done
in the name of Common Core.
This is why we have to be
trained on how to use the
defibrillators!  We'll need them
for our co-workers!

Welcome to the
madness and mayhem
of teaching.
Do you really want to know
what's wrong with our
educational system?
Insert can of worms.
Open can of worms.
She's gonna blow...

I will never be able to do everything
that the politicians insist that
I do.
I'll be dead and buried first.

I will never be able
to follow their rotational five year
overhauling of education
and live a peaceful life.

Sorry Dick Van Dyke...
I have to change some lyrics
in your song:
Step In Time from Mary Poppins uplaoded by Surroor
Sunshine State Standards!
Step in time, step in time
Step in time, step in time
Sunshine State Standards step in time!
Common Core State Standards!
Step in time, step in time
Step in time, step in time
Common Core State Standards step in time!

Florida State Standards!
Step in time, step in time
Step in time, step in time
Florida State Standards step in time!
Nary a reason, nary a rhyme....
All you teachers--step in t!

Even if you know the song,
you have got to watch the
chimney sweeps up there and
just imagine all the teachers
running around like crazy.
Just the first 80 seconds
of the clip will suffice (1 minute 20 seconds).
Yup, that's us.
Running around like
madmen with no rhyme or reason.

Don't worry about me...
I've come to the following conclusions:

No need to drink.
No need to take medication.
No need to yell and scream.
No need to shove
chocolate in my mouth.
No need to gain another
50 lbs. from teaching stress.
Girrrrl, you're preaching
to the choir sista!

Note To Self:
A spoonful of sugar does NOT help
the medicine go down.
A spoonful of sugar makes
Queen Chaos FAT.

Must remember this:
Spoonful of Sugar = Fat & Temporarily Happy Queen Chaos
The musical in my mouth only lasts until I swallow.
Dang it! Why can't I learn to chew S-L-O-W-L-Y?

No need to quit my job.
Do people still hire chimney sweeps?
That's the irony of it all.
We keep getting beat up
but there we are...
...every Monday morning...
...week after week...
...month after month...
...year after year...
I'm telling you!
Eternity for teachers had

BETTER have at least
a 5 minute
Mr. Holland's Opus scene.

What am I talking about?
Check out this post.
for an explanation.
It is...what it is.
So what--if I am not superhuman?
I can do this.
It may not be perfect.
It may not be printed in color
and laminated.
it will be fine. 
More than fine actually.
Just saying...
My focus is the children.
As it should be.
Remember them?
Focus on the good.

Focus on what I CAN do.
I know, I'll focus on making
a labeling sheet for everyone...


Mary Poppins Labeling Sheets
 Students can write the label words,

or students can cut and past the label words.

Wait a minute!
I just realized that I don't
know if labeling is even on
my new standards list.
Oh, SH......Sugar!
Just breathe!
Let me play my music.
Excuse me while I take
 a minute to exhale.

Pachelbel's Canon in D uploaded by iS SerDc
Love this song.
My bridesmaids walked down the aisle
to this song.

 Nessun Dorma - Luciano Pavarotti uploaded by DCFCfans

Agnus Dei - Samuel Barber uploaded by DarkLFlow

Luciano Pavarotti Il Gladiatore uploaded by Zura Balanchivadze
Good golly!  What a gift!

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Vocal)....Bach uploaded by mdragon180 

 The Gipsy Kings - Greatest Hits uploaded by Andigreatesthits
Four Seasons - Vivaldi uploaded by AnAmericanComposer

The Flower Duet - Leo Delibes uploaded by xmondongo

Stand By Me/ Playing For Change / Song Around The World uploaded by Playing For Change

 Josh Groban You Raise Me Up With Lyrics uploaded by Nitchan J.
Seriously!  WOW....that's all I got...WOW!
I'm good now.
I can do this thing called teaching.
Bring It!
See, you are superhuman!

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