Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Topsy-Turvy For Tops And Bottoms

One of my favorite books to read is
Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens.
Love, love, love, LOVE this story!
I love how Hare has to think
out of the box!  It really gets our kids
to think, think, think....thank you Janet Stevens!

As teachers we have to think outside
of the box ALL the time!

I found this picture on Pinterest,
and I just love it so much,
I had to share it.
It's a good reminder for us all,
as we teach children
with different abilities!
I tried to find where the pic came from,
but I couldn't figure that one out....
so if it's your picture, I hope you
don't mind that I'm sharing it!
I'd love to add your credit here,
so just send me a note if you would
like for me to do that!
Last year, a friend of mine asked
me if I could make some activities
for her to use for her evaluation.
I was more than happy to help I thought that I'd share
what I made with all of you!
Of course you did!

Tops And Bottoms: Bear Graphic Organizers
 Write 3 sentences about Bear:
Bear is....
Bear has...
Bear can...
Tops And Bottoms Bubble Maps
Write 3 things or 3 sentences
about Bear from Tops And Bottoms.
For the other main character of the book...
have your students write about Hare.
Hare is...
Hare has...
Hare can...
      Hare Bubble Maps
Have your students draw a picture of Hare
and write 3 things or 3 sentences about him.
To help your student retell the story,
download these
Tops And Bottoms Story Maps.

This is next option is
my personal favorite.
This is my go-to sheet for
writing about the characters,
the setting, the problem,
and the solution to the story.
The 4 boxes on one page
make it super simple,
which is just my style! 

For your comparing and contrasting pleasure...
here are tons of different variations of
double bubble maps for you to use!
Just choose the one that
best suits your classroom!
Bear And Hare Double Bubble Maps
Based off of Tops And Bottoms
For Educational Purposes only....Not For Profit.

 Double Bubbles not your thing?
Prefer Venn Diagrams?
For your comparing and contrasting
pleasure....these are for you!
Bear And Hare Venn Diagrams
Based off of Tops And Bottoms
For Educational Purposes only....Not For Profit.
For any clip art hounds out there
here is my carrot clip if anyone wants it!
It's free (for now) on TPT, so just click on the pic
to  get to my store. honor of spring,
I'm also sharing my 
Flower Clip Art
for free (for now) on TPT.
Click away, my friends, click away!
Thinking of spring....
I just made two choices
for handwriting fun!

50 Kindergarten Sight Words:
Spring Bunnies and Eggs Handwriting Practice
Even though this set LOOKS
like doesn't talk about
 Easter at all.  It just has cute
pictures that trick my kids
into thinking they're doing something fun,
instead of working on their handwriting.  
50 Kindergarten Sight Words:
Spring Handwriting Practice
If you're totally anti bunnies and eggs,
then this is the spring handwriting set for you!

"Teacher can we color, please????"
"Of course you can! That's the best part!"
Happy spring!
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Hayes Kindergarten said...

Tops & Bottoms is a crowd favorite for my kindergarten teammates. Thank you ever so much for sharing with us all!! WAHOOO!! This hits so many CC standards!!

Queen Chaos said...

I'm so glad to hear from made my day!
Sharing makes the world go around!
:) Regina

Jonny Tez said...

Thank you so much! Your work is simply amazing.

Jonny Tez said...

Thank you so much! Your work is simply amazing.

Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome!
Thank you for making me smile!
:) Regina

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