Sunday, March 9, 2014

I Like Sam-I-am!

Evaluation time!
Evaluation time!
What could be more sublime
than my bi-annual evaluation time? 

You know I just love it,
You just KNOW I do!
And I would like to share it
All with you!
Because that's
How Regina rolls.
Sharing her stuff
With us lucky souls!

Why do I share
My evaluation flair?
Because I've learned
That good teachers share!
They share!
They share!
Because they care!
They care for children
You're right
That they do.
So thankful that you are one
Of those good teachers too!

I'm starting with a story
About Sam-I-am
Who likes more things
Than just green eggs and ham.

Here's a label poster
of this character from the book,
There are words labeling him from head to toe.
Click on the pic to take a look!
  Sam likes sight words
And he sees them everywhere.
He sees sight words
From here to there!
In Kindergarten,
We see them here and there
We see them

Check out the story
And download away!
Maybe YOU could use it
On YOUR evaluation day!

Likes More Than Just
Green Eggs And Ham

by Regina Davis
Adapted F
rom Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
 This little story
Has a big surprise,
The PDF slides
Move before your eyes!

 Right after the story
We'll read through these words with pics,
My students will bring me
The matching cards for practice.

Sam-I-am From Green Eggs And Ham
"W" Sight Words PLUS Challenge Words
These large cards will be shown
on my classroom big screen,
So that all the words at each center
Can be practiced whole group and be seen.
This smaller set 
Is what I'll print out, I think.
Yes, I know
It's still a lot of colored ink. 

I've been saving up my ink
For this special occasion,
After all, it is just twice a year
That I have my evaluation.
 I'll pass these cards out,
So that each student has one.
Their ability level will decide which word they'll get
So they're all be learning and having fun.
I'll make multiple copies of each card
So that more than one child will get to stand
And put the matching card in a box.
Oh, it's going to be grand!
These are the same words
That my students will use
In the following Activities...
So you can use them too, if you choose!

 Centers! Centers!
My students will be in centers!

Four small group centers,
My vice principal will see.
Four small groups at work,
Guided and directed by me!

She will see my Kindergarteners
Stamping for group #1 
My students will stamp green sight words,
Until they are done!
What fun!

Sam-I-am Green Ink Stampers and Sight Words Activity

My students will use magnet letters
With peer partners at group #2.
Creating just the 6 words that we are working on.
It will give them hands-on work to do.
Sam-I-AM 40 Sight Word Cards
Next will be handwriting practice
At group #3
Using Dr. Seuss characters....
My students will write happily.

Normally I make
A 50 sight word set,
But this time, I'm only using
The 6 words my kids need to get.
No need to fret.
Not one little bit.
This is such a great set!

Dr. Seuss' Characters Kindergarten Sight Words
Handwriting Practice
Last is an activity that's KIND of like a STEM
(but not really)
It's based more on literacy.
It was created just for this lesson,
By little, old me.

Sam-I-am Differentiated Instruction
Sight Word Activity
My students will need to think
Of a way to move a paper
From one spot to another....
It's going to be quite the caper!

Once they get their papers
To where they need to be,
Each student in the group
Will have to read all 6 sight words to me.
I'm giving you this extra set
of sight words you can use.
It is a harder list of words,
So that way you can choose.
You know me,
And my precious colored ink...
I have to make it all in black and white
To save on ink, I think.

I promise, I promise
To make an official STEM out of this thought,
Once this evaluation week is over,
and I have more time on my hands---not!
Just check back on this post
Keep looking back here!
In the next few weeks (or months)
I promise it will appear!

You're so creative.
I don't know how you do it.
Do you ever take the time
To relax and just sit?!

I will have this rubric
To guide them along the way,
They can use it as a reference
Throughout the activities that day.

Did they work together
to learn the sight word list? 
Can everyone in the group read ALL 6 words....
Not one of them missed?
Sam-I-am Sight Word Activity Day Rubric
If they got a 4
From their rubric score,
They will get these bookmarks
To promote their reading even more! 

Dr. Seuss: I Can Read Bookmarks For Student Rewards
There will be sight words

From there to here,
From here to there.
My bloggin' buddy
Sure loves to share!

I appreciate her kindness
And generosity.
I don't think any other blogger
Is as lucky as me!

Thank you Angela,
You make me smile!
Just for that,
I'll go the extra mile.

I will add some extra stuff
Until I feel like there's enough!

 Sam-I-am Green Paint and Sight Words Activity

 Sam-I-am Green Labeling Sheets
Green Eggs And Ham Sentence Bubbles
Green Eggs And Ham
 Comprehension Passages
For Guided Reading:3 Levels
 Differentiated Instruction

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onespecialteacher95 said...

Thank you so much for these goodies! I cannot wait to use them with my class!

Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome! As I was stamping my teacher demo for my students today, I realized that my stamper activity was missing the word "what". What?????? Queen Chaos made a mistake???? Yup! One of my favorite sayings for my kiddos is: Everyone Makes Mistakes! Teachers, Moms, Dads, even the President of the United States! (They love when I say that one! Their minds just have to wrap around that whole concept....but that's how I get them to read so well. They lose their inhibitions when they realize that it's OK to throw it out there and make a mistake as long as you do your best and keep working at it!)

Well, I fixed please re-download and I hope that your students have fun learning!
:) Regina

SC Teacher 28 said...

I love all of these great printables! Thanks so much for your hard work.
I have a question for you: Where did you find all the adorable clipart you used? I have been looking for some Dr. Seuss themed clipart and I can't find any!

KinderKids Fun

Nicole Calderbank said...

It is like I won the lottery when I found this post! I just purchased your STEM fairy tale pack and am happy to say that I am your newest fan. Thank you for sharing your chaotic fun. :)

Nicole Calderbank said...

It is like I won the lottery when I found this post! I just purchased your STEM fairy tale pack and am happy to say that I am your newest fan. Thank you for sharing your chaotic fun. :)

Queen Chaos said...

You're very welcome!
The clip art comes form different places. I've gotten some of it from other artists, and I made some of it myself. If it's from someone else, it's labeled on the free download.
I hope your kids enjoy the activities!
:) Regina

Queen Chaos said...

You are too sweet! Thanks so much for making me smile!
:) Regina

Jaylean Pellegrini said...

Thank you so very much for making a fun book even more exciting with all the activities!

Queen Chaos said...

You are so welcome! Thanks for putting a smile on my face during Parent/Teacher Conference Week...I needed that!
:) Regina

Mike T said...

Incredible work! Thank you for sharing :)

Queen Chaos said...

You're so welcome!
Happy Friday!

J-me Smith said...

Just came across your site...You share some wonderful packets and worksheets. Thank you for all the hard work :)

Queen Chaos said...'re so welcome!
Happy Teaching!
:) Regina

Unknown said...

you really made my day. I'm doing my observation for kindergarten on the Book. You gave me so many wonderful ideas. Thank you

my mother's daughter said...

Amazing ..thanks so much

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