Friday, March 21, 2014

Five for Friday

I love this linky.
I love being a part of it a bit more.

Again, in honor of David Letterman,
I'll count backwards.  

Ever feel like people don't listen to you?
Ever feel like you're invisible?
Hmmm....this is Jack.
He's my son's dog.
Jack's ignoring me.
Like stone cold
in your face
look at my back
ignoring me.
This is why blogging is so therapeutic.
You have no idea when someone
decides to click off.

Honestly, I didn't mind though.
This was the first time on the
porch swing in MONTHS.
Ignore me all you want.
I'm outside and there's no
longer several inches of snow
on the ground.  

For your son's dog
with an attitude,
I dedicate some Henry And Mudge
by Cynthia Rylant activities!
Henry And Mudge: Mudge Organizers
Write 3 setences about Mudge
Mudge is...
Mudge has...
Mudge can...
 Mudge Bubble Map
 Draw a picture of Mudge
and write 3 things or 3 sentences about him.
A dog needs his boy!

Henry And Mudge: Henry Organizers
Write 3 setences about Henry
Henry is...
Henry has...
Henry can...
  Henry Bubble Map
 Draw a picture of Henry
and write 3 things or 3 sentences about him.!
Frozen came out on DVD this week.
The kids and I watched it for the first time.
Kid tested, Mom approved!
So good to know!
I'll have to pick up a  copy
for The Darling Diva.
She's turning 4 next week!

There's a saying...
"It's easier to keep up than to catch up."
When it comes to the filing
that needs to be done in my classroom,
this is incredibly true.
Do I follow it?
Not so much.
I'm a piler.
Yep, why file when you can pile?
Aw snap!  I do believe that I 
just coined a phrase for pilers everywhere!

So my "4th quarter resolution" is to use
this tub.  Not all the other tubs in my classroom.
This one.  I mean, it tells me what to do!
If this doesn't work, I need an Intervention.
I went paperless last summer.
BEST thing I've ever done.
I bought a speedy little scanner
and zipped ALL of my classroom
papers. Even with my speedster
scanner, it still took a complete 3 weeks
of non-stop scanning.
I offered Hollywood and Golden Boy
cash to help me.
They just looked at me
and said "No thanks, Mom."
So, I got mad and banned
all TV/video games other than 1 hour a day.
They could choose how to spend it...
1 hour of TV, OR 1 hour of video games
OR 30 minutes each....get creative.
NOT that they were in trouble,
that's just a healthier way to live.
This has been a continuous summer
battle in my home.
When I say: "No Screenage"
my  kids have to turn EVERYTHING off.
It includes ANY device that has
any type of a screen.

After about 2 days,
they came to me and out of the blue
asked if they could help me with
my classroom papers in exchange
for "screenage" time.
Creepy how much we're alike!
Ben gets "electronic time" 
in 20 minute increments.
When the stove timer goes off,
so does the game.
He wanted more time one day.
We exchanged folding the laundry
for another 20 minute session.
Child labor?  Absolutely!
My 2 boys willingly worked
through my papers at high speed.
Even with 3 of us working,
it still took 3 weeks.  Wow!
Talk about a lot of papers!
I paid the boys "screenage" time
in exchange for inches of paper.
They got 15 minutes for every inch
of paper they worked through.
They have never worked so fast
in their lives.

What's so funny (ironic), is that
my files that were so important to me
have never been opened since they've
been saved. Shhhhhh.....don't tell my boys.
Instead of being Mother Of The Year...
My name will be Mudder Of The Year!
Yup, my name would be mud.
I've come to realize though,
  that if I need something, I just make it.
It's a sickness.


Can you say groupies?
I get to see my bloggin' buddy!
Hi, Angela!
I see you there on the left-hand side!
(giggle, yep!)
So THAT'S what you look like!
Yup, your hair would have completely
done the Farrah Fawcett winged hair
back in the day.
And you ARE jealous.
My head might hit your shoulder
if I'm lucky!
You realize the first thing
 out of my mouth when
we meet this summer will be...
"Oh my goodness, you're so short!"
Please don't be offended!

Ever heard of a guy named
Harry Kindergarten?
You know, that guy that has
those AWESOME video clips on youtube
that you've been pinning on Pinterest?
Yep, that's him.

Actually, his real name is Pete.
Pete Harry, a.k.a. Harry Kindergarten.
Some of my peeps and I 
were lucky enough to meet him
at the Illinois Kindergarten conference.
Jealous much?
YES I am.
Forget the hair and the height...
I'm ESPECIALLY jealous
that  your school/district pays
for you to go every year FOR FREE!!!!
Who ever heard of that???
We are definitely blessed in that regard!
Let me pack my bags for
the Kindergarten conference every year. 
SOOOOOOO jealous!
BTW-If you've noticed some of his
clips "taken down by user", 
no worries friends!
He's tweeking all of them and
reposting them.  So be patient
and the awesomeness will be back!
Head over to youtube and re-pin them now!

If you live in the Midwest like I do,
then you probably forgot what this is.

If you live in the Midwest like I do,
then you also forgot what this color is.
They're back!
Those of you who have 
"Polar Vortex induced memory loss," 
let me remind you.

This is a robin.
He hangs out with us
in the warm spring.
Instead of the artic winds blowing,
you can now hear him sing.

This is green grass.
It appears on the ground
in the warm spring.
Instead of the blinding white snow,
you will soon see this 
beautiful color on the ground.

4th quarter here we come!
 Here's a little trick I've learned from Ma Chérie.
If you count just the Mondays,
it makes you feel soooo much better.
 Try it out.
Take out your school calendar,
and count away.
It will seriously make you feel
empowered...maybe a little relieved.
I am sooo doing that!

We have 9 Mondays left!
That means only 9 more
afternoon bus duties for me!

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