Friday, March 7, 2014

Three More By Dr. Seuss

One fish, two fish, three fish, four
You like freebies?  We have lots more!

Youtube Dr. Seuss Video by Walden's One Fish, Two

Do your students have to take a test,
and bubble in circles in May?
Have them practice their bubbling skills
after reading Dr. Seuss books one day.
Rolling on the floor,
Crying and sadness,
Last year our required bubble tests
Caused Kindergarten madness!
It would never happen again...
My 5 year olds would be prepared
To take these tests made by government men!
Is it appropriate?
But if they HAVE to do it,
They will be taught--
In a happy,
Calm, safe place
Using cute, little pictures
So that they all my students have a happy face.

One Fish, Two Fish Red Fish, Blue Fish
Sentence Bubbles

Did the teachers hear that right?
They were all so exhausted they gave a faint yelp.
Is there somebody out there giving us help?

Dr. Seuss' Horton Labels
Label Horton and all his parts,
I just love labeling charts!
Horton Labeling Poster

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who Character Organizers

Horton is...
Horton has...
Horton can...
Horton from Horton Hears A Who Bubble Map
Horton wants your students to quietly write.
He doesn't want them to give the people in Whoville a fright.
Draw a picture of Horton and write three things about him.
He is big.
He is nice.
He  likes to help,
he doesn't think twice.

DAY PLAY We play all day.
(at least that's what most folks think we do all day.)
NIGHT FIGHT We fight all night.
(No need to fight.  These freebies are here to stay!)

Youtube Video Hop On Pop

Youtube Dr. Seuss Book Song: Hop On Pop by Vancemo

Hop On Pop Labels
Instead of hopping on poor, old Pop...
Label him instead.
When you're finished you can stop.
Hop On Pop Labeling Poster

Regina, thanks for sharing
your crazy mad skills with the rest of us!
Our students will enjoy Dr. Seuss a little bit more
thanks to you my friend!


Miss Caroline said...

Thank you! Love the labeling :)

Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome! Happy MLK Day! Check out our newest blog post to get lots of freebies for our MLK Product Parade!!!
:) Regina

Courtney Ludwig said...

Thank you. I thought I was going to have to create my own pages.

Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome!
:) Regina

addygma said...

I just found these and they are so awesome! They will work so wonderful with my MD students! Thank you so very much for sharing!

Queen Chaos said...

You are so very welcome!
:) Regina

Unknown said...

You are so sweet to share. Thank you! My kindergarten kiddos will love labeling these next week.


Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome!
Happy March!
:) Regina

Unknown said...


Queen Chaos said...

You are so very welcome!
Happy Monday!
:) Regina

Unknown said...

THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH for these freebies!!! I feel so much better going into next week.

Queen Chaos said... glad this came in helpful for you! You made me smile tonight!
:) Regina

Unknown said...

These are amazing. thank you so much!

Queen Chaos said...

You are very welcome...enjoy! :)

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